Wondering on Wednesday?

…perhaps a new weekly series in my blog?  Maybe!

Just a couple questions have crossed my mind lately.  Maybe there is a clear cut answer for these questions or maybe they are topics up for a discussion or debate even (I really hate debates).  I’ve always been told that no question is a dumb question (again, a statement up for debate…haha!), so please don’t judge me on these questions that I have. For me, I have been wondering about the answers because I have heard mixed answers and I am very unclear about what is truth and what is not the truth.  I am wondering what you know or have heard on these topics to give me any insight or personal experience you may have.  I thought perhaps my blog would be the perfect spot to place my confusion.  With that, I will just hop to it.

Question one deals with my menstrual cycle and ovulation.  I’ve been thinking a lot about baby # 3 lately.  I know the chances of this happening naturally is only about 10% (although the statistics could have changed since conceiving K.  What hasn’t changed is time.  The time is now!).  Regardless, our chances are slim and we likely would need IVF w/ICSI again.  However, our doctor told us that he has seen miracles happen where couples have conceived naturally with that low of a percentage, so we will try our luck until we are at a place where enough is enough and need to make a decision about our next step.  With that said, I have not got my period back since before I was pregnant with K.  I have been told in the past that without a period you can not ovulate and without ovulating you can’t get pregnant.  However, I know of women and have heard stories of women who haven’t had their periods yet and have been surprised when they find out that they are indeed pregnant.  What is true and what isn’t true with this?  Could I still be ovulating without having my period or am I out until my period starts back up again?  I am so beyond confused.

Question two deals with breastfeeding and my period.  I’ve been beyond blessed to exclusively breastfeed K since she was born.  My supply has been amazing and in fact, although she’s been EBF, I still pumped just in case my supply for some reason dipped mid year.  Well, it never did and now we have two freezers full of milk, that if I am unable to use for her, will hopefully be able to donate to someone who is in need.  Now, I know it is a myth that breastfeeding is a form of birth control.  I don’t know why women think that they can’t get pregnant while they are breastfeeding.  This is simply not true.  You can get pregnant while breastfeeding; I just think the chances are more slim.  My question is, will I be more likely to get my period back though if I stop breastfeeding altogether?  My goal is to make it to one year like I was able to do with my first and I do not intend to stop until K is ready to (or her teeth get the best of me like with E, ouch!).  My concern is that by breastfeeding, I am prolonging my period to stay at bay and therefore delaying more “trying naturally” time.  Time is of the essence as all of us who deal with secondary infertility know.  I am 33 and so close to that 35 year mark where, if I need IVF, things get more complicated and more expensive at 35.

Right now, that’s a wrap for Wondering on Wednesday.  I’d love, love, love to hear your thoughts on these questions/topics.  If you feel you have an advice for me I am open to that as well.


3 thoughts on “Wondering on Wednesday?

  1. Yep, deep questions. 🙂 Yes, I am almost positive you can get pregnant if you aren’t bleeding yet. You could be ovulating even if you’re not bleeding. And yes, breastfeeding does delay the return of your period….
    Baby #3 ?? Exciting to think about – but it terrifies me!!! 🙂

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    • Thank you for your answers on this. The body is such an amazing thing, but when you are trying to stay on top of this sort of thing it can get very confusing and frustrating. I will be honest and say I’m not really missing my period, but it sure was helpful in keeping track of things and knowing when my body was doing what. I figured breastfeeding delayed the return of your period, as it was only two shore months after stopping breast feeding with my first daughter that mine returned. I know we are all different, but I also wonder why some women get it so much sooner while breastfeeding then others do. I feel like I am so quick to think about baby #3 because I know I would love another, however, knowing what I now know about conceiving for us, I know it will not come easily. I can relate with it being exciting to think about, but why does it also terrify you? For me, I’d just be more nervous juggling everything if it did happen.

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      • Yep, definitely not missing the period when it’s gone!!!! But yes – it’s a great built-in calendar.
        I also wonder how some people can get their period while BFing. I honestly was a bit short on milk (had to supplement at 8 or 9m), yet I still didn’t get my period until 15m after the birth!
        Thinking about 3 babies is terrifying even without conception issues, let’s be honest. You’re outnumbered, you might have to rearrange rooms, your car might not fit 3 kids … pretty much the country is designed around a 4-person family. That’s a main concern for me. That and being so busy with 3 littles!!!


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