Simple, yet kind

Going off my post yesterday, Oh the Stares & Glares, (which was a bit negative) I wanted to update you on my experience yesterday afternoon while out and about with my kiddos.  Save big money, save big money, save big money when you shop____________.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist putting that catchy little tune out there and if you filled in the blank with Menards you are correct.

Menards is where I needed to go yesterday and once again, I had no choice but to bring my kiddos with me. The reason for this little errand  (not important, but in case you are wondering why I needed to go there I will tell you) is because we recently were given two end tables from my husband’s grandma as she moved out of her assisted living apartment and into a memory care facility.  Unfortunately, she needed to downsize as her room is much smaller where she is living now and she was going to be getting rid of some of her belongings.  We gladly accepted taking these end tables and I immediately saw a project.  These tables are older, outdated and needed a face lift.  I’ve been intrigued by all these lovely Pinterest refurbishing and distressing projects with chalk paint.  When I saw these tables that were being offered to us, I figured these they would be my guinea pigs to work on before I try to refinish the other pieces of bedroom furniture in my daughters room and our bedroom that I would also like to give a face lift.  If done successfully, they will be a neat piece and heirloom we will have from my  husband’s grandma, whom (K’s) middle name is named after (side note, my grandma and my husbands grandma had the same first name a big factor in why we chose that middle name and even more special, my husbands grandma borrowed us the last sum of money we needed to make our IVF cycle even possible and are forever grateful for her kindness).  Hopefully, if this project turns out I will post a blog about it later on.

Moving on, the errand with the girls yesterday was a cake walk compared to my WM nightmare errand last week.  The girls were well behaved and were in good moods, well rested, and simply content just riding around in the cart (some days just prove to be better then others).  I knew it was an errand that was not going to take me long.  All I needed to get was the chalk paint, a paint brush and some sand paper.  There was only about a 5 minute wait to get my pain mixed up and while we waited I gave the girls a little snack.

While the girls were snacking, I was looking at a DIY painting brochure and this is where I noted simple, yet kind act #1 occur.  The female employee in the paint section quickly rushed over to me with great concern and said, “I thought I should tell you I think your baby has something in her mouth but I’m not sure what and I don’t want her choking.”  I thanked her for her concern as it was absolutely appreciated that another person was attentive to the well being of my child and acting as a helper and not a judgemental a**hole (excuse my French).  I kindly explained to her that my baby did have something in her mouth, but it was just a teething Rice Rusk, completely safe for her to have.  The employee chuckled a little bit and seemed relieved that it was nothing more serious and then complimented me on how adorable both my girls were.   This truly warmed my heart.  Simple, yet kind.  Kindness goes a long way.

Simple, yet kind act #2 occurred next.  My paint was mixed and my kiddos and I walked towards the front of the store to check out.  We checked out and the cashier smiled at me and greeted both of my girls and even proceeded to ask E how old she was and asked me how old K was.   She engaged in conversation with me about soon becoming a grandparent to a baby boy who was soon to be arriving any day.  I was paying for items and K got a little fussy (nothing major) and the cashier quickly ran to her attention and started rubbing her feet, talking soothingly to her as I proceeded to take care of my payment.  This was so helpful.  When I was done paying, the cashier then said, let me bag your items today so you can tend to your little one.  Typically you bag your own items at Menards.  I quickly went over to K’s side and tended to her, while very enthusiastically thanking the cashier for her kindness.  Simple, yet kind.  Kindness goes a long way.

Simple, yet kind act #3 happened in the parking lot.  I walked out to my car in the parking lot and I first grabbed K and got her buckled into her car seat.  Next, I grabbed E out of the car and got her in the car and buckled in to her car seat.  I then went to grab the day bag and my items out of the cart.  As I was putting my items in the car, a nice older gentleman asked me if I was done with my cart.  I told him I was and he grabbed it and walked it over to the cart corral for me.  At first I assumed he was walking into the store and going to use it himself while shopping.  When I saw him walking back and over to the car next to me, I thanked him again for helping me out and he said, “It looked like you had your hands full and I wanted to help you.”  At this point I wanted to cry because I felt so humbled.  These acts of care were all so very simple, yet so very kind and going off how my heart was feeling in that very moment was just proof that one simple act of kindness goes a long way.  

After my trip to WM last week, I was feeling so defeated and down.  Due to the unkindness that surrounded me that day, it made me question myself and if I was a good mom.  My faith in humanity was tested, once again.  Yet, yesterday while running my errand my faith was quickly restored.  It is so ironic how that works.  God knew I needed a pick me up and He was present yesterday in the many people who were so kind to me and to my girls when I needed it most.  Kindness is out there.  It does exist.  Thank you God!

Choose kindness always.  Kindness always wins!



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