Motivational Monday for a Mombie…

Complaining, feeling burnt out, dragging your feet, seeing the negatives, having lack of patience and appearing scatterbrained are all some qualities that come by easy to a mom who is running on little sleep and are constantly putting everyone else’s needs and wants before your own.  At least these are all the qualities I possess on this fine Monday morning. Admitting that I am a real treat to be around is an understatement.  This is what happens to us mom’s though.  We are sucked dry and need some recovery time with some time for self care, pampering, a little TLC and even receiving a little motivation goes a long ways.  Sadly, the Mombie comes out when we don’t have recovery time.   One way to recover is to also hash out some of the above qualities which I am about to do now.  Followed by some simple tips for motivation to get you through.

So, let me complain first:  My littlest was up about every hour and a half last night, really only being soothed by nursing.  She may not even been getting milk at some of her time at my breast, rather just comfort sucking which meant I am running on about 0 mph this morning because I got little sleep.  Then, I woke up and was disheartened at the fact that my husband and I made 0 time for each other this weekend (this is something we have talked about and know we need to work on, yet talk about it is all we seem to do).  Over this realization, I told my husband it really sucks and he quickly sighed, “Yep.” Without much else to offer me, he left and went to work.  I just feel deflated.  I then realized I am out of my favorite coffee, which is a must for a Monday morning like this. Ugh, such a bummer.  Today also happens to be allergy shot Monday which is always a hassle in and of itself.  I debated skipping my shot all together, but it completely slipped my mind to go to it last week so I figured I really needed to muster up the energy to go today.

Overall, I am just feeling burnt out, craving some time with my husband and would really enjoy some quality me time.  I have had little time for self care and I can not stress enough how important that is, especially being a mom!  After a little pity party for myself this morning, I took a deep breath and mused on trying to think positive thoughts.  The day just has to get better.  The day just has to get better.  The day just has to get better. Then, I read a daily devotional which was called, “Love Beyond Limits”.  This seemed fitting as it talked about how tall of an order it can be to consistently think about others and how hard it can be and how trying to meet everyone’s needs before our own can be exhausting, all consuming and a huge sacrifice.  However, it can be rewarding too depending how we look at it as well as knowing in your heart how  you’ve blessed others can bring on positive feelings too.  As a mom, think of all you do and sacrifice for your children and husband on a daily basis.  That alone is pretty amazing and selfless.

So on this Monday, if you are a Mombie like me who is struggling, burnt out, exhausted, in need of some tlc and self care please do yourself and everyone around you a favor.  Go find yourself a mirror and look at yourself and simply breathe.  Then look beyond those tired eyes and smile and tell yourself today is going to be an awesome day!  Please, then take 5 minutes to reflect quietly.  Just 5 minutes.  You’ve got this!  Then, I want you to think of something you really need to get you through this day (it can be something as simple as a candy bar or maybe you need to ask a friend, neighbor or relative to watch the kids so you can run an errand by yourself, or maybe today you will actually rest/nap when they nap or take time to watch a favorite television program, or go exercise without the munchkins or hubby around… whatever you decide, choose one thing and actually do it, no excuses, no worry about the time or the others that you typically let hold you back in doing something you want to do!





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