Three Fact & Truth Thursday

Grateful!  This evening I am getting a 1-hour massage.  I can’t think of a better way to wrap up the summer.  Self care is important as I’ve stressed in the past and this is one of the things I do for myself, to give myself a little TLC, in case you ever wonder.  Massages do not happen on the regular for me, instead I will book another massage for myself a few months out, more then likely after this evening, my next massage won’t be until sometime in November (if I am lucky). The massage I have for tonight, I was actually supposed to have last Wednesday, but a school event took precidence over it and I had to reschedule. If I could plant a money tree in my backyard, now I’d be scheduling massages weekly for myself.  If you have never treated yourself to a massage, I highly reccommend you doing so, or if it has been a while before your last massage if you’ve had them before, do yourself a favor and book a massage for yourself today!

A few facts about my massage experience:

Fact: I get between 2-4 massages per year.  Never have I ever gotten fully undressed for them.

Truth:  Basically, I undress all except formy underwear.  For some odd reason, I just can not commit to going fully nude.  It feels strange and uncomfortable to me.  I know there is a blanket covering you and they claim they can’t see anything when you do the roll from tummy to back but c’mon how can they not see a little somethin’ somethin’?  Yet, is it strange I feel completely comfortable taking my bra off?  However, do you blame me ladies? I take that thing off first chance I get.  

Fact:  On most occassions I really dispise the music that is played to try and soothe me to relaxation during a massage.

Truth:  Instead of playing some random instrumental crap like a “relaxing” harp, give me the option of a little Jack Johnson or some Amos Lee or Norah Jones! C’mon!

Fact:  Drink the water they offer you after a massage.

Truth:  Drinking water before and after a massage is so important and it will reduce soreness.  Sometimes my muscles are so tight I don’t even realize how tight they are until I am fully relaxed and my massage therapist works on all the knots and kinks.  Afterwards can be pretty sore.  I never resist the water they offer me.  Not only that, a massage works out waste products from your muslces and drinking water helps to flush them out.  Don’t stop at drinking the water they offer you, drink before and after your massage too.  I’ve learned the hard way a couple of times by not drinking enough water.  Water is so cruitial and will make you feel so much better.

What are you waiting for…go get your rub down!  Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it later!




Wondering on Wednesday

School is starting soon for our daughter, next Wednesday to be exact. Some schools are in full swing already. I know my niece, from Iowa, has already been in school for at least a week and the little boy I watch started school this past Monday. With that said, I am wondering either how the change in your routine is going now that school has started or if school has not started, are you panicking about the change that is going to take place in your daily routines? Honestly, I am getting anxiety just thinking about it.

Last school year, it took us quite some time to get our schedule kinks worked out. My daughter seems to be more of a night owl, rather then a morning person which makes her drag her feet in the morning. Last year, this resulted in daily tantrums that esculated quickly. We finally took a different approach to how we did things in the morning and although the mornings were never perfect or completely smooth, the tantrums stopped and we had better mornings. I fear this could be the same issue this school year, and well folks, my patience is on the brink of not existing at all. Somewhere inside I know I will need to have both grace and patience with my 5 year old. It can be so hard in the midst of a difficult moment and she has to catch the bus on time though. It is truly exhausting just thinking about it.

As exhausting as it is to just merely think about, I know that the reality is we will be facing change head on soon. This year I have been thinking and preparing, not only preparing myself but I have been preparing my daughter for these changes. One thing we did together was talk about a new morning routine and planned it out together. Below is what we came up with.

We will put her schedule in a picture frame to use as a dry erase board where she can check off each task as she finishes it. Having a visual and a schedule kids can be hands on with is very important and sets them up to succeed. Another thing I would like to plan on doing that is in the works is some sort of reward system. For each day she successfully gets through a morning following direction, being respectful and not throwing fits she will earn a sticker. When she earns full sticker weeks she will get a small reward or we will try the two jar and marble idea. This is where you have two jars and each morning that was a success you put a marble in the good behavior jar. If there is not good behavior you take the marble out. Once the good behavior jar is full, she earns a reward. Which idea do you like better? Incentive has always motivated my daughter.

What does your new morning routine look like? What kinds of things do you do to keep your child, who is not a morning person and drags their feet, motivated and on track during the school year? What works and what doesn’t work for you? I would love to hear about this as I try to set my daughter up for success and also so this mama does not have any grey hairs sprout this school year!

Aimless 20 Talk Tuesday

  1. School Starts  next week which means I officially will have a kindergartener.  At times I feel ready to send her and then when I really stop to think about it I get super emotional and try to distract myself from the thought.  It just seems unreal. It’s always a proud moment to see your kiddos stray from underneath your wing and see them fly, but it sure isn’t easy.  Any tips on how to cope with this transition for both Mama and…ok, lets be real just for Mama!?
  2. Yesterday while I was searching for a recipe that I misplaced, I stumbled across a recipe for Overnight Peaches n’Cream French Toash.  It looked amazing and something different that would be easy to make for breakfast a day ahead.  If you don’t like peaches, it said you could substitute for other fruits as well.  Let me know if you are interested in the recipe!
  3. Lets talk Lularoe for a minute.  I said I’d never get suckered into that fad.  Never ever I said.  Well, never say never because I got suckered in.  To be fair, my friend hosted a party and I played along in the games and was the winner of some Lularoe cash which made the items I was interested in cheap.  Honestly, I don’t think I would have bought anything if I didn’t have the extra money off (mainly because I am frugal and hate paying full price for anything.  I’m honestly waiting for people to start selling their used items on Varage Sale or sending them to Bethesda).  So, I thought what the heck I may as well give it a try.  Deep down, I have kind have been wondering what all the hype is about.  We shall see if I am sold and am completely sucked in once I live in the outfit I bought for a few hours.  I even had the crazy thought as the party was going on that it would be fun to sell Lularoe for the pure fact that I love fashion and putting outfits together.  However, I find most of these ‘own your own business’ type thingys out there are annoying only because I get invites for them multiple times daily from various ones from multiple people.  I hate the pressure and I’d hate to make anyone feel pressured to buy from me.  My biggest annoyance is when I have conversations in person or on Facebook and a person selling something will always turn the conversation around into what they are selling.  Umm, no.  Don’t do this or you will go on my shit list!  Although, I have gone to parties before and I haven’t bought a darn thin.  This leaves me feeling happier that my bank account was left alone rather then depleted more.  It’s a good feeling alone to just have the will power to look and not buy things.  There is no buyers guilt that way…no having to hide things under my bed or in the back of my closet from my husband.  My willpower did not win with Lularoe though…gahhhhhh!  My husband also reads my blog posts, so there is no way this can be kept a secret….and truth be told, he’s going to tease me about it because I’ve gone off on tangents before about Lularoe!  Please no offense to anyone who sells anything or is a huge fan of  Lularoe.
  4. Tonight I have a dinner date with my older sister.  It will be so nice to visit with her without interruption for a change.  Most of the time when we visit I have the girls with me and it always feels like a very distracted visit.  We are still trying to debate where to eat though.  The last couple times we met for dinner we at at a place called Sap.  If you are ever in the Appleton, WI area I highly reccommend this place.  It’s awesome.  Nothing on the menu is bad and it’s got a very chill, inviting and friendly atomosphere.
  5. Organization & simplifying has to become priority in this household.  I just can’t take the clutter and all the stuff anymore.  I feel like I’m truly suffocating in my own home and it makes it hard to relax, instead I am always feeling like stressed and like I can’t relax in this environment.  I’d love to find a place in my house to have a command center for all our important paperwork and office type stuff, school stuff, the computer, etc.  I’ve said it before though, I truly think we have just outgrown our first home.  Personally, I’d love to move and find a home that better suits our family.
  6. My younger sister and I have been having fun with snapchat filters as of lately.  We crack each other up on the daily using filters and having conversation back and forth.  We then got talking and said it would be fun to start a podcast.  I’d love to do this, but like most thing it is expensive to start up and you basically need sponsors to keep it up and running.  However, we thought it would be fun to do a facebook live once and a while about topics.  Just curious, who would even care to listen to us banter back and forth about random topics?  We are both married, stay-at-home mom’s with 2 kiddos so I’m assuming topics would  basically center around those things.  If you are interested, comment below with the types of topics you’d love to hear us talk about.
  7. On the agenda in the near future, I also have to come up with a Fall Bucket List.  I will surely share with you all once I have one.  What fun things do you and your family like to do in the Fall?  Backtracking a bit, I will also share with you what we were able to cross off our long Summer bucket list (we will have a lot of things we didn’t accomplish that can go on next summer’s bucket list, and also adding a few more for next summer).
  8. My baby has been standing on her own and taking one and a half steps…each milestone is so exciting and obviously bittersweet.  It’s so crazy to think we will have a walker very soon.
  9. Next Wed, since E will be at school, will be a full day with K.  When E was little we did so much 1:1 and I think it really helped her to bloom and thrive.  I want to give K great experiences as well.  Next Wednesday I can either take her to a Mommy & Me group at a local church or Baby Time at the library.  I think the church group could be beneficial for both of us and allow me to meet other Mom’s but the library baby time is what I always took E too and she absolutely loved it.  I can’t decided what I want to do.  Each is offered every Wednesday at the same time so I can’t do both, but I suppose I could alternate weeks.  However, which should I go to first? Decisions, decisions.  What other things do you do 1:1 with your infants (mine is 9 month old) so looking for ideas that is for that age range.  I noticed that K has recently been really interested in her board books.  She is doing less chewing on them and more looking at the pages and twisting them around in her hands and turning pages.  I feel so guilty because I also haven’t been doing as much reading with her as I did E at this age.  However, since new routines are starting, I think we need to incorporate daily reading into hers, especially before bedtime.
  10. Speaking of bedime.  I have a confession to make.  I still have not transitioned K into her crib in her own room.  She sleeps in the pack n’play in our room.  I don’t know why I am hesitating making this switch, but I am.  I told myself that when E starts school and our routines change then that would be a good time to make the switch.  We shall see.
  11. Yesterday afternoon I made two pans of lasagne.  A batch of zucchini chocolate-chip-pecan muffins and a batch of oatmeal white-chocolate-chip-craisin cookies.  I shared a pan of the lasagne with the neighbors and the baked goods with the neighbors across the street who just welcomed a new sweet bundle of joy to their family!  My house smelled so yummy, but you should have seen the aftermath of my kitchen.  I cleaned up the best I could before hubby got home, but there was still a sink full of dishes and he took care of them for me, what a guy.  I don’t think I said thank you, so thank you Maynerd!  Hopefully he enjoyed his home cooked meal and sweet treats he came home too and it made up for the mess I’m sure he did not appreciate coming home too.  I could tell he was tired last night.
  12. E and I took a bike ride together after dinner last night around the neighborhood. It seems strange to feel how cool the evenings have gotten outside already, but then I suppose it is almost September.  Summers are just too short in WI.
  13. I’ve had a few random people try to add me on Instagram lately.  I have my account set to private as to avoid scammers and wierdos and I can be in control of who views things on that account.  If you are not a scammer or a wierdo and you have recently tried adding me to instagram and have gotten denied, please let me know on here so I can add you.  This goes for any account I have (snapchat, facebook).  I haven’t jumped on the Twitter board yet…should I?
  14. L’oreal is the brand of Mascara I use, however I haven’t been impressed with it lately.  In your opinion, what is the best mascara out there?
  15. Speaking of beauty.  It seems the latest craze is eyebrow threading.  I’ve never had nice eyebrows and they have never gotten TLC.  I’ve always envy’d a nice eyebrow.  Seriously, I’ve never had them waxxed or anything.  However, as I’ve gotten older I’ve often wondered about the hairs on my face and if I should start doing something about it.  Getting older is no joke when it comes to hairs.  I remember my mom plucking and bleaching and pointing out her unruly facial hairs and she’d always say, “you just wait until you are older and you have to deal with facial hair, it’s a bitch.”  Yup, those little hairs sure are bitches.
  16. It is crazy the wear and tear that little kids and pets have on your living room furniture and even the kitchen table.  Seriously, we haven’t had either for that long and all of it seriously looks in horrible condition.  This is why parents can never have nice things.   Something I’ve also been told numerous times.
  17. I just noticed I still have a 4th of July/Memorial decor on my front door.  This makes me laugh and is the story of my life.  I just can’t keep up with anything right now.  Another thing to add to the good old to-do list:  switch up door decor.
  18. Road construction here is insane.  My sister just made me laugh because she said, “It’s just orange barrels and (dummies) as far as the eye can see.”  She used a different word in place of dummies.  Dummies deemed more appropriate for this blog content. Haha.
  19. So yeah, date night with my husband STILL hasn’t happend.  How long have I been talking about having one?  WTH is our problem?
  20. Coffee is near empty and cold.  I guess that means it’s time to wrap up and go spend quality time with my girlys and the dog needs to be walked.  Enjoy your day!

Motivational Mondays For Mombies

You guys!!!  I actually finished reading a book from start to finish in one weekend.  I can’t remember the last time I did this.  Kudos to a three hour car ride this weekend and children who napped during our camping trip so that this mama could have some much needed down time! The book I finished was called, Every Wild Heart by Meg Donohue.  It was an easy/fast read that was part love story and part mystery and I easily fell in love with the characters, especially the mother and daughter relationship in the book.  It made for a great “vacation” read as it was heartfelt and funny.  As in many books I read there are parts that stick out more then others.  In this read, it was no surprise there was one particular quote from the book that touched my heart and made me reflect.    With that being said, I thought of all of you as well and thought this was the perfect quote to start a Monday on.

“Sometimes being alone sucks.  But if the alternative is forcing a relationship that doesn’t make you happy, then that sucks, too.  Sometimes I wonder if choosing to be alone instead of choosing an unfulfilling relationship is one of the bravest things we can do with our lives.  It’s not an easy choice.”  

We’ve all experienced a toxic relationship in our lives, whether you currently are in one or have had one in the past.  For whatever reason, it is hard to break off these unfulfilling relatinships and it strains every ounce of energy you have, out of you.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  For me, when a toxic relatinship is happening in my life, a big part of choosing to not let go of this person was that I was afraid of being alone. Constantly I would tell myself misery was better company then having to face the quiet of myself.  However, I’ve learned the hard way many times that being alone is far better then being in bad company.

Clearly, by having this person in my life I was being held back in some way, shape or form and it was simply unhealthy.  Sometimes though, our brains and our hearts battle each other making our decisions very unclear and very very cloudy.  You will always know if a relationship is unhealthy if conversation deems to be one sided, there is constant blame being placed on one another instead of taking responsibility for your/their own actions and when your personal growth is being put on the line.  Personal evolvement and back and forth discussions that promote healthy communication are essential in a healthy relationship.

When it comes to being scared about ending an unhealthy relationship, I fell in love with this quote “When one door closes, another one often opens in which was more fitting then the one before it.”  Sometimes the grass isn’t greener on the otherside, but oftentimes it is.  When something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right for you.  This applies to the people in your life that you let in.  Never feel as though you are stuck or have to be in a relationship with anyone.  At any given point you can say la vie.  There is someone out there who will put in as much effort and then some to have a healthier relationship with you.  Never sell yourself short because you are better then that.

Sticking around can be so unhealthy and I have heard of so many toxic relationships that become abusive.  If it hasn’t gotten to that point for you, consider youself lucky and remind yourself that this is yet another reason not to let this person stick around in your life.  Thankfully, I personally have never experienced a physically abusive relationship but I have experienced emotional abuse before in a toxic relationship.  No one deserves this type of behavoior in their life and it is a brave thing to be able to walk away when you are feeling strong enough to do so.  When in doubt, ask for help and find someone safe you can talk to.

Finding that inner strength in a toxic relationship is crutial in being able to walk away.  What inspires you and motivates you to take a deep breath and make changes in your life?  Focus on those positive aspects and come up with a plan for youself as to how you will remove this person from your life.  For me, it took an “a-ha” moment where enough was enough and instead of listening to this person in my life, I started listenting to myself.  I was better then this type of treatment and knew I wanted more for myself.  I put up a wall, did not give into the control that was over me, and started ignoring all contact.  Eventually, this person got the drift and was out of my life.  Some cases are much more serious though, and in that case you may need further resources to assist you in removing this person from your life.  Stay safe and again, ask for help when you need it.

Always tell yourself and remember you are so much better then this and deserve the world, not a once sided relationship that is holding you back and making you feel depressed and miserable on a daily basis.  Going back to the book I read, choosing to be alone rather then being in an unfufilling relationship is one of the bravest, wisest and best things you can possible do for yourself.  Care for youselfe.  Love yourself first and above all own that decision to make the best life possible for you.  Life is short and precious and shouldn’t be wasted with people who are not helping you be your best self.



Sacred Sundays

Sometimes the breath of fresh air we all need is to spend time around the natural beauty God surrounds us with. It does wonders, especially when your mind has been fogged and you are trying to seek some clarity. Take some time by yourself and spend it in nature. You may discover just what you’ve been seeking.

Body Safety Rules for Kids

This morning I stumbled across an imformational poster about body safety rules.  I’ve had the conversation with my oldest before about her body and her private parts and also, we have talked about strangers.  It has been quite a while since I have had this chat with her.  The next moment we have some quiet time together, I plan on having a talk about body safety rules with her again, especially before she heads off on her own to kindergarten.

This is, in my opinion, a non-negotiable talk that everyone needs to have with their child(ren).  You may not know how to begin or what to say. That’s ok.  It is better to start somewhere, then not have the conversation at all.  It doesn’t stop at having one conversation about it either with them.  It is so important to continually ask your children questions and stay very present in their lives on a daily basis, especially when they are not under your wing or in your care.

Check in daily with them and have this conversation with them throughout the school year.  It is agreat reminder and can never be reiterated enough to them.  Your child(ren) need to know that you are there for them always and no matter what.  Not only that, they need to know it is safe for them to talk with you about important issues and that they feel comfortable going to you for anything they need.  If you need a little help getting started, the poster I ran across this morning is very helpful.  You can easily go over it with them and read the talking points with your child(ren).  Leave room for them to ask questions as well.  I can’t stress the importance of having this conversation with your child enough.  I will share the body safety rules poster below:

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