Aimless 20 Talk Tuesday

  1.  I ran over a screw on Friday and my husband was kind enough to take the screw out and put a plug in it (Thank you Maynerd-Yes, I call my hubby Maynerd).  We were hoping this would  buy us some time before we needed to actually purchase a new tire.  We always have plans and God is laughing because on Sunday night as my family and I were going to fill our ice cream craving I ran over a thingymabob and again, it was stuck in and punctured my tire.  Lucky for me it was the same tire as Friday.  What are the odds of that happening?  Jeesh, some people have all the luck.
  2. My daughter has already decided she wants me to pack her lunches for when school starts instead of having to eat a school lunch.  School lunch plus one milk costs $2.35/day and an extra $0.35 for an extra milk.  This will add up to be $11.75/week.  I think, but am not certain, I can pack her lunches for cheaper.  However, I am certain packing her lunches everyday will get old.  What do you do for your kindergartner?  I am new at this and am not sure what to do.
  3. I better Pinterest the crap out of packed lunch ideas.
  4. We recently got a letter in the mail from a company that our insurance, as of this year, is no longer affiliated with.  We have an outstanding balance on our account that we have been making payments on monthly (leftover from K’s birth).  They told us that if we were to pay off our account in full by 8-20-17 that they would take 20% off our total that we owe.  This has never happened to us before.  In my mind I know it would be stupid for us not to pay in full due to the fact that we would get almost $500 off our total.  This money then, could go towards the last sum of money we owe Urology from when I had my kidney stones.  However, I’m wondering if we could barter with them some more and see if we could get them to go any lower.  I’m not good at this sort of thing so if you have any insight I’d greatly appreciate it.
  5. My parents stayed with us this past weekend.  It is always nice when they visit and especially when they spend time with the kiddos.  What is not fun is when they leave and my daughter is heartbroken over the fact that they have to leave and is crying legitimate tears of sadness.  It never fails to break my heart.  She sure does love her grandparents.  Distance sucks.
  6. Odd squad is on T.V.  My daughter loves it.  I don’t understand it, it’s so weird.
  7. A local photographer recently photographed triplets and posted a few of the pictures on Facebook.  SWOON!  It was a set of identical twin girls and then one boy. Talk about God working miracles.  There was just so much sweetness in one basket. I often think about how different our life would have been if our 2nd embryo would have taken too and I often wonder why it didn’t stick.  I also think about how lucky we are that one did stick.
  8. Do you use buy, sell, trade sites online?  I have a ton of stuff I have been trying to get rid of and the site I use most often is VarageSale.  I randomly sell stuff here and there but I’d love to see the rest of it go!  I did sell a couple items yesterday and made a quick and easy $10.  Yay me!
  9. I can not believe it’s 4 pm already.  Where did today go?  All we did was go to the library, go to my sisters house and then left to go to the park for a picnic lunch and some play time.  Then I came home and K just now fell asleep and I’m trying to get E’s paper work filled out for work and her fees paid online-oh, and then this blog distracted me so here I am.
  10. Did I mention how tired I am today?  No?  I’m freaking tired.  K was up a good fraction of the night and just wanted to nurse and my allergies are getting the best of me.  I even am sporting my glasses today because my eyes were so itchy.  Gahh, not fun.  When I woke up this morning I felt like I had a hangover as I had a faint headache, was foggy and running into things and stubby my toes.  I probably have about 20 new bruises on my legs because I was so clumsy.  This mama could really benefit from 1 full nights worth of sleep.
  11. Something smells like a dead animal in our garage.  My husband needs to figure that out pronto!
  12. A lot of wishful thinking happened when I created my summer bucket list blog post. We have done some of the things on there, but most have not.  This makes me sad.  Today is August 1st already, what the hell?
  13. E looks so adorable today in her french braid piggy tails.  I wish she could stay this little and innocent forever.
  14. K is napping right now on her belly, feet crossed and butt up in the air-another adorable daughter of mine.  I just love them both to pieces.
  15. It just rained and I’m actually happy about that because that means I don’t have to drag the hoses out to the gardens to water my vegetable plants.  Win!
  16. You guys, I’m seriously going to fall asleep sitting up.
  17. On the podcast I was listening to this morning they were asking hypothetically if you could ever have your sister donate an egg if she was willing and you needed one.  This is some serious shit to ponder.  However, I feel like I am the type of person that I would need to have an anonymous donor that I had no personal connections with.
  18. Proof my butt is dragging today-I only have about 5,000 steps in and it’s just after 4 pm.  Typically I’ve been my 10,500 step goal by now, which by the way I have excelled at all week.  Crap!  Tired or not, I need to get moving.
  19. Hopefully I can get to the Farmers Market this Saturday with my sister.  I realized that I haven’t even had any corn on the cob this summer.  It is not a WI summer without buttery sweet delicious corn on the cob.  MMM, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.
  20. My dog is giving me puppy dog eyes.  I need to take her for a walk.

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