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For my readers, this is just a quick update about my content.  I originally started this blog to share my Secondary Infertility journey with you all.  Not only that, but I wanted to share with you my journey being a mother.  After my struggle, we became pregnant through the amazing odds of science with IVF w/ICSI.  Eventually,  I also added content about pregnancy after struggling with infertility.  Now that my second child has been born, I also talk about my life as I now know it now.

Lately, I have been writing about a lot of random topics-basically whatever is floating my boat on that particular day and what randomly comes to my mind is what I write about and I just roll with.  My blog is motherhood, it is about struggle, it is about my life and what I think and feel.  It can be honest, emotional, raw and it can be opinionated, sometimes it can be based of of fact and sometimes not at all. All of these things and more is what you will get from me.

If you are looking for a blog centered around one specific topic, this is not likely the place for you.   I hope whoever stumbles across my blog finds something to take away from it.  If not, you will not hurt my feelings and no offense will be taken as I am aware that we are all different and like different things and we all compartmentalize things differently.  I know I don’t need to explain this to any of you as I feel most of you who follow me have accepted me for me.

However, it was a personal decision to put t his out there and I felt this is more so directed towards those individuals who may search for ‘secondary infertility’ and may stumble across my blog.  I never want you to be caught in the midst of finding a blog about so many other things as well and not be prepared for the things I talk about and share.  Depending on what point you are in your journey, I know that there could be things that trigger you (trust me, I’ve been there) and I wanted to forewarn you.  Triggering you is not my intent and I’m truly sorry if anything I write about makes you feel triggered.  I can not protect you from all the worldly triggers though, they are everywhere but this is one way to at least give you a heads up and try and safe guard you a little bit.  The journey is painful in and of itself and I know you don’t need anything else to make it more painful.

For everyone else,  I also wanted to let you know that in between all the randomness and all over the place topics, I’d like to try to offer you all some occasional regularity to look forward to.  This gives you the chance to look in on specific days you may be interested in checking in.  With that said, on days I don’t have something heavy on my mind to write about in particular, I will be trying to do weekly series. In other words, I may not do this specific series if I have something important to chat with you all about and will just omit the series on that day and go on with what I need to write about.  As you know, I may also not get to posting a blog everyday because my kiddos take up a lot of my free time and when I do have free time I’m not always able to blog either.  Anyways… here is what I am thinking for my weekly series:

Monday’s:  Motivation Mondays For Mombies-As a mom, some days can be hard, hard, hard and you just don’t have the energy or motivation to keep on keeping on, but somehow you manage to just suck it up and do it anyways.  On these days, I will try to offer a little motivation or tips on how to keep on keeping on.

Tuesday’s:  Aimless 20 Talk Tuesday-This day is designed around sharing 20 random thoughts swimming around my brain.  I consider it a day to brain purge!

Wednesday: Wondering On Wednesdays-Here I will be sharing things that I am wondering about.  Mid week is always middle of the week where I usually can have things piling on that I am pondering.  This will be a great day for back and forth conversation about a lot of questions I have or things I leave open ended.

Thursday: Three Facts and Truth Thursdays-Although I will share 3 random facts with you on this day, I will also share with you my thoughts and feelings about those facts! Beware!

Friday:  Fabulous or Fit Friday’s– Fabulous will be anything amazing going on in my life or really any fabulous thing that I want to share with you or I will share somethings about Fit which will be about health and wellness.

Saturday: Simple Saturday-Will be short and to the point.  I may share just a picture or I may share a recipe or I may share a joke…stay tuned!

Sunday:  Sacred Sunday’s-On this day, I may share a bible verse or a devotional or something sacred to me.  This day will be left for quiet reflection to calm you before the week ahead.  Enjoy!




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