Aimless 20 Talk Tuesday

1. I am doing a 15 day workout challenge via Ideal Fit. Sunday was a mix of legs and cardio. You guys, I am so sore! If I sit for too long it is really hard to get up. This morning was rough rolling out of bed. It hurts so good.

2. K and I are going almost 9 months strong in our nursing journey. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I feel so lucky I have had a great milk supply and one amazing nursling.

3. My husband turns 34 years young on Saturday. Cripes, the years have flown by. We have been married for 7 years but have been together for a total off 11 years. Wowza!

4. My 5 year old has been saying, “gooder” instead of “better”. For example, “This piece of cake is gooder then the other cake”. Myself and others have corrected her in the past, however, I think I am going to stop correcting her and hold on to the last bits of innocence she has left and enjoy how cute it sounds instead. She won’t be saying “gooder” for the rest of her life so may as well eat it up now while I can.

5. I am so fortunate that my sisters and I live so close to one another. As sisters, you have your ups and downs but they are also my constants. I am grateful for my lifelong friends!

6. Speaking of friends, I want to give a shoutout to my friend J who, amongst her busy life, never fails to call me on the phone to say hi and see how things are going. She’s pretty much the only friend that I have that we actually talk over the phone. Its nice and so appreciated. I wish we didnt live 5 hours away though.

7. I’ve got another DIY refurbish project set up in the garage. Im so excited to make time to tackle it. Which reminds me, I still need to post a blog about my last DIY.

8. I absolutely love seeing others openly share their infertility struggles and have those hard conversations to break out of the comfort zone that surrounds the topic. I learn more and more myself, especially when I engage in conversation with others about infertility. I have much love and respect for these very brave people who are helping to be the voice and help to make changes. It is simply wonderful.

9. I am so behind on the girl’s journals, photobooks and scrapbooks. I need start working on them again as I have more pictures to order, which I am also behind on.

10. There is a hummingbird on my feeder, which is one of my favorite birds. I am going to miss watching them when they fly to warmer weather come Fall.

11. Speaking of Fall, its almost time to transition clothing again. This is such a chore. This year, Im going to need a few things myself. What are your favorite Fall staple clothing items and where are your favorite stores to shop?

12. I love my dog, but she is really testing my patience today. She does this thing where she acts out, I scold her and then she sits right next to me and looks up at me with her big brown puppy dog eyes and I get sucked in. I cant help kiss her wet nose, scratch her head and tell her I lover her and Im sorry for scolding her. …I do this thing where I always say sorry. It needs to stop!

13. I havent played nearly enough tennis this year summer.

14. …the air is chilly this morning, but the coffee is warm. Simply the best!

15. I typically take my daughters to the library every Tuesday to pick out new books, play and go to story time. I’m going to opt not to go today simply because I dont feel like going. Does that put me in the selfish category and/or bad mom category?

16. I signed my oldest daughter up for Sunday School last night. I dont know if my husband was totally on board with this idea, or not but I feel it is important. As much as I thought I disliked going growing up, it truly was a constant in my life, gave me a great group of support and gave me a great foundation for life. I would also like to start attending services more and getting involved with the church. I miss it and it always was a positive for me.

17. I put a notice out there for date night sitters for our girls and so far have had two people inquire. I really hope we can find someone. My husband and I need to date again.

18. I witnessed K standing without support yesterday for about 10 seconds, seems unreal!!!!

19. E was invited to her first ever birthday party where parents are not needed to stay and help assist. She is pretty excited about this.

20. Yesterday, I made a pan of Zucchini noodle lasagna and a double batch of Zucchini muffins. The zucchini came from our garden and I shared some muffins with our neighbors. I love being able to share home made goodies with others! Betcha you wish you were our neighbors. πŸ˜‰

A random silly picture of myself and my mini me! Happy Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “Aimless 20 Talk Tuesday

  1. So glad you’re enjoying your nursing relationship! It is singly the best, most perfect πŸ™‚ thing I ever did for my kids. I was proud to nurse them all past a year. I used to be over zealous about breastfeeding and thought everyone should do it but as I got older I realize we are all different and lost my judgement over bottle feeding moms, thank goodness.
    Still it was the most perfect food for my babes for their first and most important year πŸ™‚ You too!

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    • I was able to nurse my first daughter until a year old and wouldn’t have it any other way, so I am fortunate that the 2nd time around has been going smoothly as well. I am not one to judge how another decides to feed their child as you are correct, the breast isn’t always best. I think all mom’s no matter what they choose need support and less judgement. Isn’t it crazy how fast your views can change!


  2. Oh…fave store to shop in is Goodwill! New fall staples for me are button downs! I’ve even got a couple of very light weights that have worked for cooler mornings. πŸ™‚

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