Restore & Adore

We received two end tables from my husband’s Grandma, who no longer needed them. Honestly, at first glance, I did not want these pieces of furniture. They were old, not my style and we already had two old mismatched end tables in our living room. In my mind, if we were taking in more furniture I would want an up-grade as I didnt want another down grade or have more to add to our already jam packed storage area in our basement or have more ‘stuff’ to find a new home for. Well, my husband insisted we take the end tables.

For months, these end tables collected dust in our storage room, as predicted. It wasnt until K began pulling herself up to a stand position on our in use end tables that we realized that one was not very sturdy, and easily tiped over as soon as K pulled on it or used it to guide herself to a stand position. My husband’s light bulb went on immediately and said he was bringing up his Grandma’s end tables and we were using them instead.

To my dismay, the tables were brought up. I really didn’t want these end tables in our living room, but I also knew we couldnt keep the other ones as they were no longer safe. That’s when I started thinking about all the re-do pieces of furniture I had been seeing on Pinterest and I got a whole other vision for these tables in my head.

After much research on DIY furniture restores, I convinced myself that I could turn these old, ugly pieces into ones that had a little bit of artistic charm instead and make them into two beautiful pieces that even I would admire & enjoy. Even more, I thought it would be neat if I could pull this little DIY project off so we had a heirloom from my husbands grandma that we could someday pass down to our girls if they wanted.

Diving into the refurbishing world is exactly what I did. I must say the process wasnt as hard as I thought, although it was tedious at times. I found it to be very theraputic and I enjoyed having some “me time” doing it. I admit I binged listened to many of my favorite podcasts while working on this process, which made it more enjoyable.

The most enjoyable part for me was watching the transformation of this piece unfold. Taking something that I thought at the beginning was ugly and turning it into something beautiful was an eye opener and made me think of the old saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

These are the before pictures

These are the after pictures.

Menards was my best friend during this project as it was the closest store near my home that sold all the products I needed to make this project complete. The final color used after priming (I just used a 1-2-3 primer we already had in our garage) was by Dutch Boy, called, Antiquated Lace. To finish the table off, I applied a thin layer of Minwax Finishing Paste.

I had so much fun doing this project, I already have another project set up in the garage. My daughters headboard is getting a face-lift next. Guys, I may have just discovered my newest hobby and I am really excited about it. I am new at it, so if you have any experience in this I am all ears for any tips, tricks or advice! My advice for all of you is don’t overlook ugly and/or old pieces of furniture as they may end up being the perfect pieces that you transform into unique and very treasured items. If you dont keep them yourselves, it could be fun to even flip them and sell them for a profit!

If you are interested, I will leave you with these easy and step by step instructions to make your own stunning transformations. This how to will guide you on how to get the chalky finish distressed look like I chose to use. Instructions are brought to you by Dutch Boy.


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