Fabulous or Fit Friday

On Fit


A picture of my daughter and I. She likes to workout alongside me sometimes & I’m all for a strong mama raising a strong daughter!

If you want to stay feeling fabulous & fit, but you are a busy mama on the go and your life revolves around taking care of everyone but yourself, I highly reccommend checking out Bikini Body Mommy and IdealFit for fast, fun, challenging workouts that you can do right in the privacy of your own home. I found the step-by-step videos on youtube and I’m sure if you google these you can also find other ways in which to follow them. I follow both on Facebook as well.

My favorite part about these two programs is that they are quick but challenging (trust me there are certain workouts you’ll be feeling for days) and really there is no excuse to not do them (although I can say I have missed days before out of pure laziness. I am human after all). My second favorite part about these workouts is that they are free and do not cost you a dime to do them. Thirdly, my favorite reason I love these workouts is because they don’t take a lot of equipment to do them, mainly just hand weights, a chair and sometimes a yoga mat if you need one. Truly, they set you up to succeed. The only way you will fail is by NOT doing them!

A friend reccommended Bikini Body Mommy 6.0 to me and I am grateful she introduced me to this prgram. The challenge I did happened to be a 90 day challenge. I fell in love with the program immediately. The instructor is a mom, just like I am, and she was super encouraging, inspiring, and made me feel right at home. You can check out the website for Bikini Body Mommy here: https://www.bikinibodymommy.com/ or just youtube Bikini Body Mommy to view workouts (Trainer Briana).

With the other program, Ideal Fit, this is one I just happened to stumble upon on Facebook myself. It happened to just pop up as an ad and I was intrigued and clicked on it to find out more information. Boy am I glad I did! This lead me to clicking on a link that took me to the first challenge workout of the the 15 Day Fit Body Challenge. I did the first day of the Challenge on the evening on the day I clicked on the link and have been obsessed with this challenge ever since. Leg day was by far the hardest for me and I was pretty sore for days (it honestly felt good because I knew I was targeting muscles I hadn’t in a while). Here is the link for IdealFit (click on Challenges to view their workouts): https://www.idealfit.com/home.dept or youtube IdealFit to view workouts (trainer Lindsay)

What are you waiting for? It is never too late to become the best version of yourself! Pick a program and get moving. The hardest part is starting! You can do it! I promise you will never in your life regret a workout! Happy Friday Y’all!


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