Throwback Thursday

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Without a doubt, tinsil on the ol’ Christmas tree can safely be cateorgorized into a ‘throwback’.  It’s old school.  It’s outdated.  It is old fashioned.  If you currently have tinsil on your Christmas tree, all I have to say is I will not set foot into your house for quite some time.  To me, tinsil is almost as bad as glitter.

Personally, I do not know anyone that still puts tinsil on their tree.  In my opionion it is just so gawdy that I don’t know WHY this was ever a thing to begin with. Venturing out to the stores this holiday season, I don’t recall even seeing tinsil sold in stores and quite frankly I don’t know who in their right mind would even buy it. Do they even still sell it?  I truly am unsure if they still do?  I pitty the store that still has it on their shelf.

When I think of tinsil, I think of my Grandma (my mom’s mom).  When we were little and used to do family Christmas on my mom’s side I still remember her tree like it was yesterday.  It was a tree thickly and generously covered in silver tinsil.  Even then, I remember thinking, where are the lights and where the hell are all the ornaments?  Sure enough, they were hidden under the enormous amount of tinsil on her tree.  As the evening went on it was almost as if the tree vomited tinsil everywhere.  There were family members with tinsil in their hair, for the men, unbeknownst to them, it was dangling off their beard or mustasche.  We’d be eating dinner and I’d be pulling tinsil out of my mashed potatoes and gravy.  There were children with tinsil stuck to every inch of their skin that was uncovered & everyone was doing that spitting and pulling something out of their mouth as if they had a piece of hair stuck in their mouth…but nope, it was tinsil.  I betcha if my grandparents had indoor pets, they’d be pooping out tinsil for months on end.  Tinsil.  Tinsil was everywhere.

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With all the annoyance that is tinsil (and the fact that it really didn’t even look great) I have been wondering what the point of that stuff is….so I googled the why!  Here is what google came up with, “Tinsel was originally made from extruded strands of silver. Because silver tarnishes quickly, other shiny metals were substituted. Before the 16th century, tinsel was used for adorning sculptures rather than Christmas trees. It was added to Christmas trees to enhance the flickering of the candles on the tree.”  …just in case you wanted to know.  I also googled if you could still buy tinsil.  Ahaha, yep.  Thanks to places like TrueValue, Amazon, Factory Direct & Wal Mart you too can still get your gawdy on before Christmas this year.  I know my Grandma would!





Wondering On Wednesdays…

Fashionable I am not. My current fashion motto is: to try and do the best with what I’ve got and spruce myself up when I can.  I am way past my prime for keeping up with current trends or really caring to be honest.  Mostly, I don’t have time for this crap and only really know what the current trends are when I get my hair cut and I glance at fashion magazines or when I’m waiting in line at the store next to the current magazines I may see them as well.  That’s how I stay current.

Whenver I am in public or I am out and about I try my best to simply stay presentable.  I will put on my non-faded pair of black yoga pants or fancy pair of LLR leggings, haha!  All joking aside,  if there is a special occassion or a date night with my hubby, I will try to wave curl my hair and put on my “good make-up”.  I spritz on my expensive purfume I’ve had since college and cast aside my bath and body works spritz (lol).  See… I put forth an extra ounce of effort then.

However, most days I’ve got way bigger fish to fry in my life then worry about who is wearing what and how they are doing their hair and make up with what new tools or using such and such new product.  This is where my age catches up to me and I feel sometimes I step out in the world in a time warp because fads go in and out as quickly as they start.  I don’t know what is going on because I don’t focus my attention in that area of expertise.

Last night though, I briefly caught on television that the current hair trend for this Winter is to part your hair down the middle and that side bangs and side parts are now out.  Huh! Did you know that?  I didn’t.  This kind of crap upsets me though because just because it’s the in thing, doesn’t mean it will look good on you or on me for that matter.

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In my opinion, you should roll with what you look best in not do what the next person is doing because it’s in (I mean I lived through the 80’s & 90’s so that speaks for itself).

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Pretty sure I part my hair off to the side, not down the middle because it is what suits my face shape best and that is where my natural part line falls.  In fact, this morning I told my husband about this new fashion trend and told him that I should try to part my hair down the middle instead of the side.  So, after my shower, that’s exactly what I did.  I literally parted it down the middle.  Took a glance at my face…laughed & said “nope” & parted it back to the side.  I did tell my husband it may be do-able to part it down the middle if I added the wave curl to it BUT nobody’s got time for that nonesense, especially a stay at home mom who has no where to be today and will not see anyone that cares!

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To me, this is just comical that there is a trend that is telling you it’s lame to part your hair anywhere else but strait down the middle right now.  My best advice to you young people is to screw the current trends (unless they are super cute and hard to pass up like booties and skinny jeans) and be you.  BE YOU!

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If it’s one thing I want to pass on to my daughters it is to care less about what others are doing or what others think of you and worry more of what you think of yourself and be your own authentic self because there is only one of you.  God made you unique for a reason and purpose….always own that!

So on this Wednesday, I’m wondering how many of you are parting your hair down the middle because you saw it was the current trend or if you said fuck that I am continuing to part my hair down the side because that’s me OR maybe you are that amazing person who said screw a strait part I’m making mine a zig zag today?

Whatever you do, make sure it represents your true self.  If you own your own style, you are doing something amazing for yourself today and also, you are being your own best leader and role model for the next girl who may have a since of lost idenity.  Be proud of you always… there is only one unique  you!  If you can follow your own heart, I believe you are off to great places because there isn’t anyone who can tell you how to part your hair!

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Aimless 20 Talk Tuesday

  1.  I made a triple batch of cutout cookies, a double batch of kiss cookies, 2 boxes worth of puppy chow & a bags worth of reindeer noses & turtle pretzels on Saturday.  There’s wayyy too many sweets in this household.  However, I gave a bunch to the neighbors beind us and shared with my sister (so far).
  2. My husband and I got my oldest daughter that huge doll house from Costco.  Apparently the neighbors across the street got it for their daughter last year and said it took nearly 3 hours to put together.  We still have not put it together & with 6 days left until Christmas we need to make the time to do so.  My daughter will be so excited over this gift and there is no way she is going to want to wait to get to play with it…it will just be best if it’s put together in advance.
  3. Has anyone else noticed that not many people jumped on the band wagon and sent out Christmas cards this year?  We usually have so many cards I run out of places to hang them up.  This year, I’ve only needed my one card holder board.  This makes me sad.  I love getting Christmas cards.  However, I must admit that I contemplated not sending them out this year.  I feel like I say that every year, but this year I really contemplated it.  Maybe it will be the last.  I wonder if that tradition is a dying tradition.  If you sent out Christmas cards this year what made you send them?  If you didn’t send them out this year, why not?  I’m just curious.
  4. My mom said she read my throw back Thursday post about her blue moon boots and bread bags…she said it made her laugh.  I didn’t know my mom read by blog, haha!
  5. I stepped in dog poop outside yesterday while pulling my daughter in the sled.  I wish I would have been wearing breadbags over my boots, damn it.  It was pretty fresh too but the one good thing about stepping in dog poo in the snow that is fresh is that it’s easy to get off because of the snow.  Ugh, either way so gross!
  6. I’m trying so hard to grow out my nails.  I’ve never had long or strong nails.  It’s been a horrible habit of mine but I pick and peel and bite them…honestly, sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it until it’s too late.  However, I’ve been trying to be conscious of this bad habit and break it.  However, my nails still are pretty thin and break easily.  Anyone  have any tips or trick for me for growing out nails?  I really want better nails.
  7. Weaning is not going well.  As in K is still nursing strong & has no desire to quit.  HELLLP!
  8. E had her church Christmas concert on Sunday.  She had been practicing for weeks and was very excited over it.  I was not expecting half the turn out that  was there on Sunday, and although great that so many people came, it was sad for this mama because there were so many people all I could see was my daughter’s headband bow sticking up loud and proud, but I could not see my darling daughter.  My husband was able to move into view where she could see him and he could see her, but I know she was disapointed (as I was) that she couldn’t see us both.  Our chuch is working on expanding and building a bigger church for reasons such as this (to accomodate our growing church family) and I fully support this misson!
  9. Guys the lack of storage in our house is becoming a growing problem (my closet especially) and no I will never stop stocking my closet (lol). If we ever build here are some things on my list:  A his and her walk in closet.  A closet that is not inside the bathroom.  A laundry room with a utility sink, counters and ample space to fold and hang dry laundry with storage.  Two coat closets upon entry-one at the front door and one near the garage entrance.  I also want 4-5 lockers (we currently only have 2).  I want a kitchen Island and a walk in pantry closet.  I also want a kitchen that has a window in addition to the patio window with natural light coming in.  I want more natural light in my living room as well.  Our main bathroom needs two sinks so both girls can get ready at the same time.  …seriously my list could go on and on an on and on.
  10. Does anyone have or use the Ava bracelet?  I am really intrigued by this little device and I’d love to know more from “real” people, not celebrity’s who likely get paid to endorse it.
  11. E is so close to earning her Build-A-Bear for good behavior.  This is going to be an expensive reward, but something that she’s been working towards for a long ass time now.  Hopefully she can make it happen so we can go do that over winter break and start working towards a new reward.  She’s been in thr process of earning this reward since before school started…I really had no idea it was going to take her this long but her behavior has  been less then perfect in the past few months!
  12. On facebook, I’ve had some of those videos from the past surface of E from just last year and I am in utter disbelief how much she has grown and changed since last year.  Guys, it is so bittersweet.  Last year, it seemed there wasn’t an ounce of sass in her she was still very sweet and very innocent.  It’s amazing what Kindergarten has done to my sweet girl.
  13. Romans 12:6 says, “And since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us each exercise them accordingly.”
  14. #nerdalert  Is it pathetic that the thing I am most excited about for 2018 is being able to use my new planner?  I love new planners!!!
  15. #TMI  Is it a coincidence that I just finished my last sip of coffee and like clockwork I have to poop?  …excuse me.
  16. Ahhhh, much better 🙂
  17. My daughter’s Christmas vacay and winter break starts Friday afternoon (they have a half a day).  Trying to think of some fun things we can do for the week she’s off.  I’d love some quality family time.
  18. Also, my husband and my wedding anniversary is coming up in April and I’d love him and I do go away for the weekend.  However, I don’t know where we would go or what we want to do.  Honestly, just the thought of a full nights sleep is screaming Happy Anniversary to me!  Lol.
  19. I swear my youngest daugher learns most of her habits from our dog.  She cracks me up!
  20. I’m on episode 52 of Matt and Doree’s Eggcellent Adventure.  If you are looking for a great podcast to listen too on the topic of IVF this is a great one to follow!  If you have any other reccomendations for podcasts on any topic give a shout out to them in the comments!  I’m always looking for new ones to follow!

Throwback Thursday

We got our first snow accumulation yesterday here in Eastern Wisconsin.  I was starting to think we wouldn’t have a white Christmas for a while, but it looks like a winter wonderland out my window now.  The first big snow fall always feels like a magical time for both adults and kids.  I don’t care if you really like snow or you don’t, there is just something exciting and beautiful about it no matter what.  It’s the aftermath that we all know isn’t so much fun, which typically involves the drifting and blowing snow, ice, plowing and shoveling, traveling and the freezing cold that follows.  As an adult, snow always brings out my inner child.

When I was younger, I remember my mom’s blue moon boots and her getting out bread bags to put over our feet before we stuck our feet into our boots.  My mom had probably been saving bread bags all summer in preparation for winter to ensure that our feet would indeed stay dry and warm in the winter.  It still puts a smile on my face just thinking about her blue moon boots and my sisters and I and all the day care kids walking around in our bread bag covered feet.

Who remembers moon boots and breadbags in the winter?  It surely is still one of those favorite throwback memories I like to think about this time of year and one of the simple memories I will never forget.

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Wondering On Wednesday…

There hasn’t been much to talk with you all about our journey with baby making lately, or where we are at with that.  Initially, our journey with infertily was the soul purpose of this blog and I’ve gotten way off topic because we overcame it for a small season in our lives.  However, it has been weighing heavily on my mind as of lately….again.  In case you’ve been wondering too, I thought I’d take this opportunity to fill you in briefly.  Part of this journey begins with just the desire and the single thought that you want to have another baby.  I am there.  If I’m honest with myself, I knew the second K was born that when we were able to start trying again, on our own, I didn’t want to waste one second.

Currently, my hubby and I are in a lull period.  Maybe you’ve been there before yourself, or are currently there now.  I desribe our lull as the time after having a successful pregnancy, after your first and only successful IVF, where you know you would like at least one more child to add to your family.  It’s that familiar feeling, pinging in your heart, where you know you just are not done yet.  However, you know that having another one is so far out of reach for you and you really don’t know if that longing will ever be fullfilled.  It’s that time you and your partner talk about it and talk timelines because you know time is ticking and you are not getting any younger.  It’s that time where you start thinking, dreaming, hoping and making the starting steps to try to make it happen before becoming fully obsessive over making it happen.  It’s that time where you tell yourself you are not going to become crazy over this BUT know that if it doesn’t happen within your timefram you WILL become crazy again.

However, we all know that when infertility is thrown into the mix, making a baby deems more complicated then simply making the decision to have another one, trying for one and then poof it happens easily.  In all honestly, the simple desire to want to have another one scares me because  I know it won’t be easy.  I question my want to have another because of that reason alone.  I’ve been down this long and daunting road once before, and although it was worth it, do we have it within us to possibly go down a similar road again?  I’m older.  I’m a mom of 2.  I’m tired.  I also know how blessed I am with my two, healthy beautiful girls and is it fair for us to go down this road with them in tow?  Am I letting my fear of the anticipated journey fog my thinking?

Already, there is just so much to consider and so much to think about.  Psalm 56:3 says, “When I am afraid, I will trust in you.”  Luci Swindoll shared her prayer about fear in my devotional and it is one I am going to continue to pray for myself in this time of worry and indiscriminate fear.  I want to share it with you, she says, “What a blessing it is, Lord, to know you are my strength and confidence.  I am so glad I don’t have to depend on myself at this moment.  Give me the comfort I need from you to meet my fear head-on, knowing full well that I am completely safe when I put my trust in you. Amen

Whatever happens, I just need to find peace in that and I know that God is always bigger then my fear.