About Me

I consider myself pretty generic, rather vanilla and one who is not a risk taker, plays it safe and follows the rules.  Starting a blog is completely new to me (something I honestly know nothing about) and one may see that my blog reflects my first sentence in my very first post.  I like to say that I am pretty candid, however.  Some may say I can be reserved too though.  I am sensitive, caring, giving, down to earth and very routine.  Notice how I started with what I thought of myself…see what I did there:)  Others, however, have characterized me as stubborn, impatient, a worrier and afraid of change.  I have learned to agree to disagree with those descriptions-haha.  I have no problem with criticism as I have grown from all my critics!   I firmly believe I can always do better then what I am doing, probably why I am always so hard on myself.  I believe there is something to learn and take away from in my everyday.  Therefore, I love the quote, “Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday.”  I am definitely a quote kind of girl.  Words get me.  I believe in God and my relationship with Him is a work in progress daily.  I love my family and friends and my daughter has been the joy to my heart in which I had never known before. I believe that everyone should have a fur-pal as a companion-mine are my best friends.  Life is beautiful, but it can also be raw and I want to share with you that.

A few vanilla things before I continue:  I have been married to my husband for almost half a decade.  We met in college-I like to say it was love at first site, his version of the story differs a little bit *wink*.  We have a beautiful daughter together, who is now 2.5.  We have a cat who is 13 and a black lab who is almost 1 year. My husband works full time and is with a wonderful company.  I have been a stay at home mom now since my daughter was born in June of 2012.   I say vanilla because I am keeping the logistics short and sweet and that may be boring to some.  Our life together isn’t vanilla at all though, rather, everyday is a new adventure, has it’s ups and downs and full of love, laughter, tears.

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The tears recently come from my husband and my struggle with Secondary Infertility, which we were diagnosed with in 2014. Although, I shouldn’t say recently as  we’ve been trying for another baby now for about 17 months and it’s come with much heartache, struggle, stress, exhaustion, frustration…the list goes on.  You can imagine the buckets of tears we’ve shed in those 17 months.  I will get into our journey more as I blog.  My daily joy comes from my daughter, Etta.  She is the light of my life, the center of my world and the single best gift that God has ever blessed me with.  Going through Secondary Infertility has been a teaching tool for sure.  One thing is has taught me is that babies are truly miracles, everyone a blessing.  It has taught me that I will never take my precious blessing for granted.  It has taught me the depth of my love for my daughter is endless.  It has taught me that time is precious and to make the most of each day.  It has taught me to have faith.  I have learned to be very sensitive about the topic of pregnancy and infertility- as you never know what another is going though. I have learned more about myself as an individual (mostly about my strengths and weaknesses). I have learned from and grown in my relationship with my husband.  It has also taught me to reach out to others as we all have something to take away from each other’s journeys.  Most of all, it has taught me to never be ashamed of life’s struggles as they are part of your story and make you who you are.

It is my hope in writing this blog that A)It provides therapy for myself as I continue through this journey and my life (as writing is a great outlet). B)Provide you something to take away from my journey, openly share with you our joys but also our struggles and possibly you can grow from me too and C)To educate you some, and give you a sense of realism into what it is like struggling with Secondary Infertility and (saving the best for last) D)Share with you my best joy, which is being a mother.

Thank you for joining me in my journey.  God speed.



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