Thankful Thursday

September 4th is the official start date of the 2018-2019 school year.  My oldest daughter will be in 1st grade.  Call me crazy, but this morning I just peeked at the school supply list and also some of the daunting paper work forms that needed to be filled out for her.  I could easily complain about three things this morning.

  1.  It’s not fair that summer months go by so quickly.
  2.  School supplies alone are going to cost me a small fortune.
  3. Most of this paperwork was filled out last year.  It’s so annoying that we can just look over last years and make corrections needed instead of having to start all over.  Do these people even know the time it takes to fill this out?

However, I am thankful this morning for Thessalonians 5:16-18.  This is kind of like the person sitting on the good side of my shoulder shouting at me to Be J O Y F U L alwaysP R A Y continually and G I V E   T H A N K S in all circumstances for this is G O D ‘ S  W I L L for me.

Instead of the gripes this morning, which can easily set the tone for a negative day, I am so grateful I have the ability to choose to be positive about the things I could complain about.  It’s not an easy thing to do because for me the pessimist in me is constantly trying to take out the opptimist in me.  If this is you too, then you know that it takes practice to set the tone for a positive day sometimes.

So, here is how I’m turning those 3 complaints into positives…

  1.  I can not begin to tell you the amount of joy I have had in having my daughter home with us for the summer months.  It has been so wonderful having her around and seeing how my two girls play together and can make each other smile, giggle and form an everlasting sisterhood together.  We’ve made some great memories by going to the park, playing in our play groups, camping, going to the splash pad and beach among all those smaller joy filled moments such as trips to The Twist for ice cream, family bike rides, small talks, and just being together.
  2. Lord, although it seems like school supplies cost a small fortune, I am beyond grateful that we are able to provide the needed supplies for our daughter so she has all the tools needed for a successful school year where she can thrive, grow and continue to spread her wings.  Not only this, but I know that the supplies we provide do not cover all that the students need and a lot of supplies will be provided by her teacher and she will not get reembursed for them.  For teachers who get paid so little already, bless their hearts for being so selfless and wanting to see their students be the best pupils they can be in and out of the classrooms.  Thank you for the pure fact that we live in a country where we have an abundance of tools for teaching and a community that has the resources to make our schools great.  I know there are many places in our world who are living in poverty and the very things we are complaining about, they are praying for.  Help my heart to be continually greatful and help wash away these complaints that can so easily creep in and set the tone for a negative day.  In your name I pray, A M E N!
  3. I am grateful for a school that is so organized and on top of paperwork that is very important in keeping our students safe and also ensure the rights of all students are being protected.  I appreciate this.  I realize it takes time to fill this paperwork out, and I may not enjoy spending my time like this but it is worth it if keeps my daughter safe and so the school year runs smoother for each student and teacher and the rest of the staff.

What are you thankful for today?




Wondering on Wednesday

This or That Parenting addition…in case you are wondering my take on this parenting gig.

Image result for this or that memes

  1.  Having a Whining Child or A Taddle Tail?  A taddle tail.  I feel like my 6 year old is in the whining stage and this can be an all day affair.  It’s like nails on chalk board with her constant whining.  At least you can distract a taddle tail and the taddling somes in spurts and isn’t a constant, every second, kind of thing.
  2.  Cleaning a full wall of permanent marker scribbles or cleaning up your child’s puke?  Permanent marker.  My gag reflux can not handle puke and the mere sight of puke makes me want to puke and when my nostrils catch a whiff of the smell of vomit it’s all over for me.  Magic eraser is awesome and honestly, my walls probably need to be repainted anyways if I can’t get the marker off.
  3. Having to watch Caillou every morning or having to watch Frozen on repeat?Frozen.  I simply cannot listen to Caillou’s voice…again, it’s like nails on chalkboard.
  4. Potty training or sleep training?  This is a tough one for me because I hate them both equally.  I guess I will go with sleep training though because it’s less messy and doesn’t involve as much work or bribing and rewards.
  5. Running errands with all the kids in tow or shopping online with the kids interrupting you a million times?  Shopping online.  As much as I miss shopping in-store it has been a super huge trigger to my anxiety since K has been born.  She has never been a good little shopper for me.  Sure, it can be a pain to shop online too but at least I can deal with behavior without the brutal stares of the other shoppers and employees and I don’t feel the wrath of judgement suffocating me.  I’ve never done more online shopping in my life then this past year.
  6. Take your family out to dinner at a resturaunt or take your family to the movie theater to see a movie?  I’m going to say dinner at a resturaunt.  If I am lucky enough to go to a movie, I’d rather not have to limit myself to seeing one that is appropriate for my entire family.  With as expensive as they are I want to see it from start to finish and enjoy it.  There is no way K would sit through an entire movie at this age.  If we went to a resturaunt at least we could pick somewhere like Red Robin where is it family friendly and if need me we could get our food to go and wouldn’t lose out on our money.
  7. Basic Hotel with kids or camping with kids?  Camping.  I feel like they are more entertained camping and are better behaved then when they are stuck in a hotel.  Plus when they are entertaining themselves, I don’t have to and I can find moments to relax too.  I feel like moments of relaxation never happen for me when I’ve stayed with the kids at a hotel (which is seldom I do anyways).
  8. A bad night with your kids or bad day with your Kids?  A bad day.  I think a bad night typically results in a bad day as well.  Also, at night I just want to sleep and I am tired too so I have zero patience to deal with their bad night on top of my lack of sleep.
  9. Have your wiggly child sitting on your lap while you try to eat spaghetti or clean up the plate of spaghetti your child through all over the walls and floor?  Clean up spaghetti.  It’s a huge pet peeve of mine when I’m trying to eat and all of a sudden my child decides she wants to sit on my lap and it’s either sit on my lap or throw a tantrum.  However, then I can’t enjoy my meal.  We have a dog who is good about helping us “clean up” food messes so I’m sticking with having to clean up.
  10. Have a child who doesn’t like to snuggle…like at at or have a child who elbows you in the face at three a.m. and has to always be touching you while sleeping?  Oh, I’d rather have the child who elbows me in the face.  I would be heartbroken if my children didn’t like to snuggle with me.  I feel like they are only little for so long and the quality snuggles only get fewer and fewer as they get older so I want to enjoy them while I can elbow in my face and all!
  11. Have a child that took a scissors to her own hair or yours?  Selfishly, I’d rather them take it to their own hair.  I feel like their hair grows back faster then mine would and as an adult I couldn’t handle all the stares if it happened to me because I’m too vain when it comes to my hair (I will be the first to admit that).
  12. Have to clean poop out of the bathtub or vomit out of the carseat?  Clean poop out of the bathtub.  Again, I can’t handle vomit.  Oddly, poop doesn’t bother me as much.
  13. Have to do a school project with your child that involves glitter or involves sequens?  Sequens.  I once heard that glitter is the herpes of craft supplies and it has kind of stuck with me for life because it’s soooo true.  I hate glitter!
  14. Would you rather have to listen to your child who is new to reading, read you a bedtime story while you are tired or would you rather be forced to play barbies and dress up for 3 hours?  Have my child read to me.  Sometimes I lack patience in having E read to me because by bedtime especially, I just want to read the books and be done and not read them at a snails pace BUT I will admit, I do not enjoy playing dress up or barbies.  Once upon a time barbies and playing dress up was life…but at 34 I lack imagination and dread having to do these two things with my child.  Does that make me a bad mom?  Please don’t judge me, haha!
  15. Change a blow out diaper in a filthy dirty gas station bathroom with no changing table or on an airplane?   Change it in the dirty gas station bathroom.  I typically come prepared with a changing pad of my own and sanitary supplies so although this would be disgusting, I could make it work.  I do not however, do well on airplanes in general or small airplane bathrooms.  No thank you!
  16. Be the classroom parent daily for the year or coach your child’s soccer team by yourself?  Coach the child’s soccer team.  I’m good with children and I play soccer so I think I could handle this committment.  However, I have volunteered in my child’s classroom before and I don’t think I would enjoy the daily committment.  It’s just not my cup of tea!
  17. Babysit your friends child who is a chronic biter or babysit your friend’s puppy who also likes to bite?  Babysit the puppy.  I have had to deal with kids who are chronic biters in a daycare setting and it is not enjoyable for anyone…no thank you!  I mean Puppies!!!!  Insert google eyes here!
  18. Forget the diaper bag or your purse?  My purse.  Infact, I forgot that yesterday at my diaper study (this included forgetting my cell phone and leaving E with a new babysitter).  Initially, I freaked out BUT eventually I got over it.  I’d rather be without my cell phone when I left the babysitter with emergency numbers and trusted she would be just fine then be without diapers, wipes, snacks and drinks for my 1 year old!
  19. Drink an entire bottle of your own breastmilk or accidently take a sip of rotten milk?  Probably take a sip of rotten milk.  A sip is just a sip.  I don’t know if I could do an entire bottle of my breastmilk (I’ve never been able to bring myself to try it at all).
  20. Be slightly embarrassed when the person behind you in the checkout line points out you have baby spit up in your hair and on the back of your shirt or see that your child had a potty accident in Target?  Have baby spit up in my hair and on my back.  Potty accidents are much more of a headache, especially while in Target!

Now that you’ve read all my answers to this or that, I’d love to hear yours.  Join the fun and play along and copy and paste the questions in my comments section and reply to them with your answers!  I’m wondering what y’all will choose!

Happy Hump Day!


Motivational Monday for Mombies…

Sometimes all you need to do is a happy dance over one positive thing to get you motivated for the day.

Seriously try it!

Image result for happy dance

This morning, I did just that!  A happy dance!

My youngest daughter was put to bed at 8pm and didn’t wake up until 7am.  You guys!  This is the first time EVER she has slept through the night.  I mean it.  She has never EVER slept through the night.  She typically wakes at least 2-3 times to comfort nurse and will end up most nights in our bed with us.  I pretty much have gotten used to this mombie state I’ve been in since she’s been born.  Which includes feeling pretty sleep deprived most days!

Now, I pray this wasn’t just a one time occurance because if she started to sleep through the nights I truly believe this would help me in weaning her 100%!

I’m very hopeful and praying we are slowly but surely going to turn two pages here soon… 1: being her sleeping all night and 2:  Weaning!

Wish me luck!

What stages are you struggling in with your child(ren)?


Thankful Thursdays

As I sat down to eat my breakfast this morning, I pulled up my Facebook account.  I started to scroll through my newsfeed and I was saddened to read about a 15 year old boy that lost his life to suicide in my community yesterday.  I did not know this boy and I do not know anyone in his family, yet the mere thought of this news is weighing heavily on my heart.

A child, 9 years older then my youngest daughter took his own life.  How do you even begin to wrap your head around this kind of news?  Again, just the thought of what this boy was battling within his own soul sends a ping of grief so deep in my heart.  I can not imagine how lonely, scared and lost he must have felt in those last moments.  However, I also can’t imagine the whirlwind he was living daily leading up to the day he felt suicide was the only option left for him.

The burden of this news runs deep.  I mean how can it not?  Hearing of the news of a sucide, regardless if you directly knew the person, or not is never easy.  So many things run through my brain and so many questions go unanswered.  Then of course, there is always that feeling of how could this have been prevented?  Never do we ever know what another human being is going through in his or her life, what they are struggling with or the burdens placed so deeply in their hearts.  Please say a prayer for this young man, his family, friends and our community.  A loss is never easy, but it always seems so much more difficult when it is unexpected.

Hug the people you care about today.  Heck, hug a random stranger-they may need it too!  Tell those important people who matter most to you that you love them.  Hold your kids a little longer.  Make that phone call to the person you’ve been thinking about, but have  been  neglecting to make time for.  Maybe go the extra mile and do a random act of kindness to a complete stranger or pay a visit to someone you know who may need the company.  Remember to check in with people and let them know that they are important, and matter.

Today, I am especially thankful for my life.  I am thankful for another day with my loved ones.  We hear this all the time, and I’m going to say it again that this time we have here on earth is precious.  I’m just so grateful for the seconds that turn into minutes, the minutes that turn into hours, and the hours that turn into days.

Live. Laugh. Love.

Have hope & faith.

Lean on family, friends, and neighbors.

Reach out when it’s placed in your heart to do so.

No human is perfect and no one leads a perfect life.

We are all human and we all make mistakes.

Embrace your differences in yourself and in others.

Choose to be kind always.

Smile, wave, and say “hello” to others.

You matter today, tomorrow, and always.






Wondering On Wednesday

Do you ever have a craving that you try to ignore but can’t?  I think we all do at times.

Out of nowhere on Sunday I started craving my mom’s no-bake peanut butter bars.  I tried to distract this craving, but instead making Energy bites that had peanut butter in them with a few chocolate chips, but are much healthier then my Mom’s peanut butter bars because they have oatmeal, flax seed, coconut flakes, and honey in them.  Although these energy bites are amazing and bonus, are a big hit with my family, they did not curb my craving for the unhealthier choice.

It is Wednesday, and I am STILL craving these bars.  I am pretty sure I am working my way up to making these bad boys today because I pulled out the recipe card and it’s just been sitting by my computer tempting the dickens out of me.

However, I know if I make these I will be the one to eat the majority of these sweet, delicious treats.  There is a reason I don’t make treats on the regular or have tons of sweets in the house all of the time because this mom has a major sweet tooth and with that comes little absolutely no self control.  Anyone else have this problem?  If so, how do you curb your cravings?

Image result for sweet tooth memes

Just because sharing is caring and in case you all are wondering how to make these peanut butter bars, I will be kind enough to share the receipe with you all.  I’m wondering after I share it with you how many of you will lose all self control, while your mouths are watering for the peanut buttery deliciousness that is these bars, and have to make these too.

If you do…let me know what you think.  If you have self control and want to try the other method and make the energy bites, please let me know and I will gladly share that receipe with you too!


Mom’s Peanut Butter Bars

Mix together:  4 cups powder sugar, 2 cups peanut butter (creamy), 2 sticks melted butter, 2 pkg graham crackers (or 2 cups crushed).

Put in a flat pan or baking sheet with a lip, take fork and spread out evenly and go back over with a spoon to smooth.  Melt a package of chocolate chips over the top.

Refrigerate until melted chocolate is hard.

…of course, I’m also wondering for all you really major healthy people out there who still enjoy a good treat, how would you revamp this recipe to make it healthier and still be able to enjoy without the guilt?!


Aimless 20 Talk Tuesday

…Ice Breaker Questions and my answers for Moms

  1.  What is something that you wear now that you would never have worn before having kids?  Currently, a nursing bra.  Gahh.  There is nothing cute, sexy, fun or flirty about these bras.  They are so ugly, full coverage, and typically come in solid colors and lack fun prints or any sort of lace. They have thick straps and it’s hard to hide the clips when you are wearing cute tank tops in the summer time.  There is just nothing fun about them, but I will say that the ones I own are really comfortable and give me easy access to the goods!  The other thing I wear that I never had to wear before kids is spanx when I wear a tight fitted dress or clingy material.  Thank God for spanx!
  2.  If someone showed up to your house unannounced, what is one room in  your house you’d be embarrassed for them to go in.  Lets be real.  I’d be embarrassed for anyone to step foot past my front door.  My house is a train wreck.  There isn’t one room that isn’t a multi purpose room that is cluttered in a monsoon of unorganization.  We are busting at the seams in this house.  At this point, I don’t even want anyone seeing our garage because it looks like a hoarders dream room.
  3. If you could choose if your kids went to bed earlier at night or slept later in the morning, which would you pick?  I’m a morning person.  I already wake up at 5 a.m. just so I can get 30 minutes to myself without any children awake.  My youngest typically is awake by 5:30 a.m.  I’d for sure love more then 30 minutes to myself in the morning, but if I wake up any earlier then I already do with as little sleep as I already get…it would not be good! As much as we fight our kids to fall asleep at night and I miss that time to myself at night too, I have to say I’d rather they slept later in the morning because it’s when I feel at my best self, I’m most productive and I feel like I have better reflection time at this hour of the day.  If they slept in later,  I’d also be able to squeez my workouts in, which I prefer doing at the beginning of the day as well (and this only happens on the weekends for me).
  4. Which household chore do you prefer your child NOT to help with?  Hands down folding the laundry.  I am OCD when it comes to folding laundry and I have a specific way I do it.  I can’t handle when things are not folded correctly or put into the basket not according the size.  Also, for every piece I fold, the little one unfolds about 10 pieces.  It just takes me twice as long to do a chore I already dislike doing.
  5. What kid show do you wish they would eliminate so no mom ever has to sit through to watch it again?  Caillou.  Self explanatory for those of you had to endure watching this show.  For those of you who have not seen it, this is your warning not too.  Don’t say I didn’t ever give you any fantastic parenting tips!
  6. You are standing at the playground and notice that another mom’s underwear is showing?  Do you tell her?  If so, what do you say?  No.  I would say nothing.  I’ve actually noticed this before on other women while out playing with their kids.  I’m not sure in today’s world if it’s a fashion statement being made, a bad judgement on clothing size, or they are showing because of how you are running around and playing with your kids at the playground.  It’s just underwear, it’s not like I can see your actually butt.  Gahh…but I’ve seen a lot of mom butt at the playground too.  No.  I will stick with not saying anything…it’s not life or death so it’s not important
  7. What is the last thing you had to say “No” to your child for?  I literally just had to firmly say, “K, No B’s.  You may not have them right now.” and she is throwing an almighty holy trantrum at my feet and clawing at the back fo my legs and pulling at my shorts.  You guys, I am so done with breastfeeding this boob monster.  I feel silly calling it breastfeeding at this point because it is seriously just comfort-sucking at this point.  I’m still producing milk but she is for sure not doing it because she is hungry and she needs nutrients.
  8. Desribe a time you did something silly because of lack of sleep?  Actually, I had a really rough morning with K (because I wasn’t giving her B’s at every whine and cry) and my alarm went off this morning.  I heard it but remember thinking, “what is that?”  Then, I realized it was my alarm and I shut it off and laid back down completely clueless of where I was, what day it was, what time it was…then i shot out of bed upon realizing it was Tuesday and I needed to get up with that alarm.  Not really silly, but goes to show that the struggle is real when it comes to lack of sleep (pretty much story of my life on a daily basis).
  9. What is the last thing you told your kid not to touch?  I was doing E’s hair this morning and I told K to not touch the hairspray bottle.  She loves to put it in her mouth and I’m so afraid one day she’s going to get a hold of it and spray some into her eyes or mouth.
  10. Which was harder for you potty training or sleep training?  They are both the devils doing in my opinion…lol!
  11. If you are rushing out the door to get somewhere with your kids, what is the one thing you are likely to forget?  My waterbottle and a small snack for myself because the Lord knows I have their bags stocked to the brim with all their little hearts desire!
  12. What’s one thing you’ve said to your kid(s) that you never thought you’d say?  Haha, see my blog post from yesterday!
  13. If you had one extra hour by yourself each day what would you do with your time?  I likely would do something different with my time each day, but I would do thing things I have a hard time doing with my kids that I miss and enjoy doing by myself…read a book, journal, scrapbook, have self reflection time, work out, date night with my husband, date with my friends or sisters, go for a walk, go shopping, schedule a massage…I mean, really my list is endless.  Not to be greedy, but if I got an hour of freedom each day it would literally feel like 2 minutes and clearly not enough time.
  14. What about your children brings you the most joy?  There are so many things that bring me joy about my children.  The way they see the world.  How they are so inquisitive about their surroundings.  When my girls are playing together and showing love and kindness to one another.  Their giggles.  Watching them sleep.  When they give me hugs and kisses without asking them too.  How they can make me laugh.  They have put so much joy in my everyday!
  15. As a kid, what was your favorite thing to do?  Honestly, I had the best childhood.  It was so different then it is now and it was seriously the simple joys that made my time growing up great.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  Some of my best memories were from growing up with the daycare kids that my mom watched and playing outside in the sandbox, riding bikes, and their friendships.
  16. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?  I remember always saying I wanted to be a Vet, a teacher, and a mom.
  17. What would you do if you put faith over your fear?  I would go back to school to get my Masters degree in Social Work and/or counseling.
  18. How do you feel when your kids tell you they are bored?  I honestly feel happy when they say this.  I think it’s wonderful when kids are bored because they need to learn to occupie themselves without technology and learn to play and be a kid.  In todays world, kids are not bored often enough because there is always some sort of technology occupying their time.  I see being bored as a perfectly healthy thing.  It gives me the opportunity to challenge my child to use her creativity and imagination to use what she has already to bring her joy and fun.
  19. What’s been the best part of your day so far?  When K woke up with her bedhead and sleepy eyes and reached up for me and just wanted to be held.  So, I picked her up and she neslted her head down into my shoulder and hugged her arms around my neck and just went limp into my arms.  Best feeling ever!
  20. What is on your to-do list that is important, but not urgent?  I have a million things on my to-do list that are important but not urgent.  This may not feel important to some but I am way behind on getting pictures developed so I can work on getting these special memories into my girls’ scrapbooks.  Also, I am way behind in writing in their journals.  Both are very important to me but have been neglected!  There just hasn’t been time.  I’ve been feeling so guilty about getting behind on these things.

…if you have time, perhaps you can answer a question or two about yourself and leave it for me in the comments!  I’d love to read your answers to these questions and get to know you a bit better!