Throwback Thursday…

Today, I just simply want to throw back a great quote.  Hopefully it’s one we can all take a little time to reflect on this Thursday at some point in your day.  Make it a good one & remember broken plans are not always a bad thing, even if you think they are in the moment.

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Wondering on Wednesday

Here’s how it goes in the morning as of lately:

My oldest daughter wakes up & picks out her clothes to wear to school.  The next thing I know, I hear her whining & complaining about the fit of her clothing.  Before going into her room to see what all the stink is about,  I think about lecturing her about being grateful that she has clothes to wear at all and to stop complaining (at the young age of 5, most of her complaints about her clothing are simply because she is picky in that moment and she changes her mind in mere seconds).  However, something told me to hold off on the lecture and to go see for myself what the deal was.  Sure enough, when I go into her room to see if her complaints have merit or not, I can see for myself that her undershirt looks like a belly shirt, her leggings look like capri pants and her long sleeve shirt looks like she’s wearing a short sleeve shirt.  I guess I can’t get after her for whining about this as her complains for sure have truth to them.  They are clearly too short, to tight and overall, small.

“Mom, this is wayyyy to tight, I don’t like it,” she moans again.  At this point I’m just standing there looking at her and I mean really looking at her and see that not only has she grown, but her whole appearance looks more mature & older somehow.  The baby I once brought home from the hospital, barely recognizable.  I get caught up in my own moment of disbelief.  “Mama, did you hear me?  Help me pick something else out, these don’t fit me.” She begs.  I snap out of my thoughts and think to myself,  How can that be? I often wonder the how to myself regularily?  It feels like just yesterday we got her these clothes she’s complaining about.  Denial is funny and it sets in as I quickly tell myself that they must have gotten shrunk in the wash.  Yet, reality is hitting me smack in the face and all the evidence is clearly there that she’s grown and her clothes have stayed the same size.

I know very well that we last went school shopping for her when she entered kindergarten in September.  This was nearly 6 months ago.  If I’m honest with myself I know that my washer indeed did not shrink her clothing.  I also know this feeling all to well that is festering inside me as I gulp the golf ball size lump that is brewing in my throat.  I hold back the tears as I think to myself, here we go again. 

For me, it never gets easier as a mom, to continually pack away to-small of clothing as my children outgrow it.  This is especially true when the months in size grow to years.  From size NB to now needing size 6X, I shed tears and grieve every single time I pack away these articles of clothing.  As I start to slowly fold up each piece and put them away in a bin to go to storage in our basement, I can’t help but reminisce and remember where she wore that dress or that outfit and the memories that were made while she was in them.  I’m wondering who else does the same?  I surely can’t be the only mom who becomes a big ball of emotions.  Of course my husband would tell me that they are just clothes.  However, as moms, we know they are not-especially those certain pieces of clothing.

As you can probably guess by now, my 5 year old is going through yet again another growth spurt.  When this happens, I am dumbfounded with how quickly it seems to take place and how in the blink of an eye how we need to quickly figure out what she is in need of for clothing, yet again.  It can be overwhelming, not only because she outgrows things all at once and seems to be in need of EVERYTHING all at once but also because of the emotions that go along with this growth spurt.  For me, when I pack away the pieces of clothing that no longer fit her, it is another piece of me having to let go.  It is another part of me saying good-bye to the “little” that is left in her.  It isn’t easy for me and it surely is bittersweet.  Never tell a mom that your kids clothes are just clothes because they a piece of your child. It’s any wonder mama’s have such a hard time parting with their children’s clothing and seem to have a story or a memory to share with each piece.

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Aimless 20 Talk Tuesday

Yesterday, we started getting some rain so they called school off at noon to get the kiddos home safely before it started to freeze.  Today, it’s ice everwhere and school is cancelled for the entire day, deeming it a “Snow Day”.  Of course, this makes my daughter happy to have an unexpected day off from school.  Me, not so much.   Don’t get me wrong, any extra time with my child is a blessing and I do miss her when she is at school.  However, now that she’s been in school since September, I have developed my own routine and plan things in my days that I need to accomplish.  With her home, it’s just harder.  So, I thought I would tell you 20 reasons why I am not looking forward to this unexpected change in my plans for the day…

  1.  The day will go at a snails pace.  5pm will feel like 10pm.  This is mostly because we are cooped up in the house.  It’s not a normal snow day where there is tons of snow to play in and all the neighbor kids will be outside entertaining each other.  Instead, it is raining.  The snow is pretty much all melted.  It’s slippery everywhere, so it also is not ideal driving conditions to go anywhere.  Tick tock.
  2. I’m already being summoned to play pretend school with my 5 year old & according to her, I have to be the teacher.  Please tell me that I am not the only mom that doesn’t enjoy playing pretend?  It is the worst.  Give me ‘worst parent of the year’ award but I’m going to be honest and say I like to avoid it at all causes.  I mean, I’ll do it so she stops asking me, but I really don’t want to & I honestly feel like my playing pretend skills can only last like 5-10 minutes at a time before I clock out.
  3. It’s only 8:30 a.m. and I have heard “I’m bored” mentioned almost 17 times.  Anything I offer as a solution is something she doesn’t want to do.  My last soloution was to just be bored then.  I honestly think kids need to be bored more and figure out how to occupy their time on their own.  There certainly is plenty to do.
  4. My house is a destroyed from the time I wake up until my children fall asleep.  This doesn’t happen in just one room but every square inch of the house.  Not only are there toys and games and little pieces from the games strewn about, but there are constant crumbs on the table and floor, pee dribbles on the toilet seat, and wrappers everwhere.  This always means more work for me and we all know Mom’s don’t need any more to-do’s.
  5. It feels like I go through a weeks worth of groceries in one freakin’ day.  Not only does my child eat and drink constantly when she’s home, but she also is wateful.  She asks for something, takes a bite out of it and then she is suddenly not hungry anymore.
  6. When my one year old finally takes a nap and I would typically have that moment in my day to take a small break or maybe even accomplish a small task from start to finish, I realize today I won’t have that moment.  I could cry.  Instead, I will be reading Fancy Nancy with my daughter for the millionth time today or having to play a board game.
  7. By 9 a.m. I already feel like I belong in a mental institute. Between the constant “mom, mom, mom, mom” and telling big sister to leave little sister alone I want to pull my hair out of my freaking head.
  8. The moment you think you can buy some time with them by crafting, but then you realize your craft supplies have plummitted since summer and you don’t have much in your craft bin to keep your kids attention.  However, we do have paint.  Kids are excited.  Kids have fun for maybe 10 minutes.  In those ten minutes you have paint everywhere but the kids paper and now you have to give your kids baths.
  9. Our crafting idea was a bust, so lets bake.  Yes, we’ll bake some cookies.  This is where yet again a big mess is made.  My daughter gets to reap the benefit of eating all the cookie dough and mom has to finish baking the cookies and also clean up the mess of flour and sugar that is now all over my kitchen counters and floor, in my hair and on my clothes and theres.  Yay!  Baking with kids is fun…said not this mom today.
  10. No matter how many times I tell my oldest to be quiet she continues to be loud.  Then there is the moment I finally get my youngest to nap and my oldest decides it’s time to see how loud she can scream.  You guessed it, not the little one is awake and I get to deal with a crabby tired monster while my oldest laughs and thinks she’s just so funny.
  11. My head is spinning because a new game for the girls is to turn on all the musical toys we own and see how much noise we can make all at once.
  12. My 5 year old forgets she has legs and thinks I am her servent.  There are now dirty dishes laying on my couch because she refuses to put her bowl and cup in the sink.
  13. I feel like I am on constant repeat with little ears that have selective hearing.
  14. There are no boundaries, now not only do I have a dog and a toddler in the bathroom with me when I’m going to the bathroom buy my 5 year old is in there too asking me a million and one questions.
  15. It never fails, the play-doh has to come out.  Suddenly the bottom of my socks looks like a rainbow.
  16. “Mom, can you wipe my butt?”  E, wipe your own butt, what do you do when you are at school?  “I wipe my butt.”  So why is it any different at home, wipe your own butt. “I just don’t want to wipe my butt because it’s gross and you do it better.”  Just what I wanted, an extra poop butt to wipe today.  NO.
  17. Even the dog acts out because I think she feeds off the girl’s extra hyperness.
  18. Disney music has to play at max volume while my daughter jumps and frolics in the living room and I have to remind her our couches are not a trampoline.  Pent up energy is through the roof.
  19. My youngest is putting things in her mouth every 10 seconds because my oldest has all these little pieces out and is not being cautious of when she drops them on the floor and/or isn’t picking them up so they are out of reach to her sister.  It’s just not safe for a toddler when my 5 year old is home to play.
  20. My oldest insists on needing to change her clothes every 5 minutes because she knows how much I love doing laundry.

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Motivational Mondays for Mombies

If you have been struggling to get up and get moving, you are not alone.  However, I just want to stay ‘stop it’ and start telling yourself all the positive reasons why working out benefits you mama bear!  It can be hard to try to change negatives into positives especially when we are lacking the motivation to begin in the first place.  So, I thought I would jumpstart your mind with 15 reasons why I exercise.  Hopefully, this list helps motivate you to stop telling yourself those million and ten excuses and instead simply start moving.

  1.  When I workout, I’m sending a positive message to my girls that being active is a healthy lifestyle choice and that I am making it a priority.  I no longer have a gym membership, so I do a lot of in-home workouts and it always puts a smile on my face when my oldest wants to get in her workout clothes and workout with me.  It opens the door to great conversations with her about our bodies and staying healthy.
  2. On those days where my girls do not want to workout with me, I actually get to induldge in a little ‘me time’ where I don’t have to listen to crying, whining, a million and ten questions, or sassiness.  I put on some feel good music that gets me wanting to move or even just enjoy a podcast while I’m doing my work out.
  3. It makes me feel strong and I can tell I get stronger each time I workout.  Being a mom, and on the go 24/7 I think feeling and being strong is important.  By staying active, it keeps me young and able to keep up with my kiddos.
  4.  It puts a little more pep in my step.  It’s crazy because I always feel like I have more energy after I work out.  We all know how important energy levels are when we are moms!
  5. Self care is important.  If we are feeling good and taking care of ourselves it gives us the ability to better care for our littles.
  6. On most days, I am wearing leggings or yoga pants anyways.  I may as well be active in my active-wear!
  7. Every now and then I catch a glimpse of my ab muscles under my mommy tummy and it makes me feel good.  As moms, we will take those feel good feelings about our bodies where we can!
  8. For me, exercising allows me to unwind.  With the constant go-go-go all day, who doesn’t enjoy a little self unwinding?
  9. Exercise can be fun.  I haven’t for a while, but I used to take a body-boot-camp class with a friend and it was so much fun.  I recently have seen that there is an adult trampoline class at Extreme Air, how fun would that be?  There are tons of other ways to get moving and you don’t always have to do it at home.  Getting out allows you to meet new people, maybe other moms, and even try something new and different that helps you to expand your horizens!
  10. I can eat what I want guilt free.
  11. By working out, I lost the baby weight fairly quickly and it helps to keep it off.
  12. Staying active boosts my brain to stay healthy too.  I read way too many board books that are 3-4 word sentences or do so many children’s activities that sometimes I feel like my brain is turning to mush.  Who’s with me?
  13. It is healthy.  That alone motivates me.  When I don’t work out I just feel like a blob of blah.  It not only affects me physically, but mentally as well.
  14. My staying active it gives me confidence about myself and the way I look (especially in front of my husband).
  15. I enjoy hiking, playing tennis and soccer and when I stay in shape I’m just better at all of these things and it makes these activities enjoyable and not work!

Get moving this Monday!  You will never regret getting started!

Sacred Sunday

Anxiety, it can creep in when we least need, want or expect it too.  However, when it’s there we some how can’t ignore it.  We feel it in the depths of our soul. I certainly don’t enjoy when anxiety comes a knockin on my door.  However, I know that I’m not alone.  Do you know that even in times of anxiety your soul can be filled with the joy of the Lord? His word can alone turn things around and bring you comfort.

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Simple Saturday

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I feel like all I’ve done on this Saturday morning is yell at my child who refuses to listen or do anything she is asked to do.  It has set the tone for the day and I can feel the negative moods radiating off of everyone in my household.  This is not exactly how I wanted to start off my day.  It is so frustrating.  Can you relate?  As the adult in the situation I really do try to stay calm & keep my cool.  Initially I am calm and cool in the very beginning of the circumstance.  However, then I begin to feel those angry feelings begin to fester.  I must also say that I’ve noticed with the lack of sleep that I get on a regular basis my patience has run very thin in these circumstances.  If I’m honest, right now my blood is boiling because of my daughters behavior right now.

…and it all started because she made a huge mess without the help of anyone else, but can’t seem to pick up that mess by herself, she is begging for help.  I usually don’t mind helping, but my daughter has never been good about picking up after herself.  She always expects someone else to pick up her mess.  Being that she is five, I really feel like she needs to start taking some responsibility for herself, and this includes cleaning up after herself and picking up her own messes.  She was pitching such a fit that I ended up picking up her mess and telling her that those items that I just cleaned up are taken away until further notice.  Then I sent her to her room and told her she needs to write me a note of a way she thinks she should earn her things back.  She is not to come out of her room until she hands me this note and we talk about a solution to earn her things back.  Now, this did not happen in a calm matter.  I had my big voice on.  I shouted.  I was not happy.

Now, of course, Mom guilt has settled in because I got angry and yelled at her.

As a mom who loves my daughter more then anything, it is one of my faults as a parent that I feel deeply guilty about.  Yelling and raising my voice in anger, I know, truly doesn’t resolve much of anything.  I know it certainly isn’t teaching my daughter anything good or teaching her to resolve conflict positively.  I am supposed to be her role model and I can see that when she gets upset over something or becomes angry she now also yells.

With all the bad things going on in the world, I certainly don’t want to promote an unkind tune in my child.  I also know that if I want to see change in her, I first need to change my reaction to her behavior.  I am far from a perfect parent, but I do strive to be my best self when it comes to parenting.  I resolve to change and I know it is something that I need to change.

Be kind always.  There is no excuses, even when we are angry.

Free Friday

Need a great way to jump start your Friday?  Listen to this song.  It’s hands down, absolutely one of my favorites.  I actually heard it for the first time at our Sunday worship service a few weekends ago.  One of the lead singers at our church sang this and I had goosebumps from head to toe. He just sang is so beautifully.  It literally gave me all the feels.

What songs are you listening to right now that give you all the feels?  I’d love to hear them and I would appreciate you dropping titles or links to them in the comment section!

Today,  I pray that you are able to open your eyes to all the wonderful blessings that surround you this Friday and you are able to stop–really stop–to drink them all in!