Motivational Mondays for Mombies

As moms, we often feel like a broken record and are on constant repeat with our little loves who either choose not to listen or simply have selective hearing when it comes to following rules and directions.  This has been a huge frustration in our household lately, especially with our 6 year old.  I’m here to tell you that you are not alone mombies!  This stage can feel so defeating, annoying and like you are two seconds away from throwing in the towel on this whole parenting gig.  Mombies, I feel you!

With that said, I like to try to find the humor in my frustrations as much as motherly possible.  I mean we have to right?!  Otherwise, I will lose my $hit completely.

On this Monday, I present to you 10 of the most humerous things this Mombie has caught herself saying to my child(ren) this weekend (honestly, I could likely do 1000 but I will spare you for now).  These things are just down right funny after I say them, when I truly stop and think about the things I literally have to tell my little monsters.  Sometimes all we need is a little humor among the frustration to keep us going from day to day.  If you need a pick me up or laugh, reading these will be a sure way to get your belly laughs in for the day…I promise!

  1.  Do not even think about putting that tootsie roll up your nose!
  2. Please put your trolls and their shoes and their other accessories in my purse before I count to 6…I mean it, if you don’t put those trolls away in my purse right now I will put them in my purse myself and if it comes to that I will keep them there until the end of the week.
  3. Boogers belong inside your nose or inside of a kleenex, not your finger to look at and inspect.
  4. We don’t touch our front butts when there is poop.  How big is K?  So Big!!!!
  5. Your underware are worn on your bottom, not around your neck.  Ok, really…take them off before you stretch out the leg holes.  TAKE. THEM. OFF. NOW.  Great, now the leg holes are shot.  Do you know how expensive kid underware is?  Next time you do this you will buy them with your own money.
  6. Yes, those are your B’s.  Yes Mommy has B’s too.  Where’s your nose?
  7. No you may not have a drink of my mommy juice because it’s just for mommies.  If you drink it you will turn into a mommy and lose all your marbles.  It is much more fun to drink kid juice and have fun playing.  Now go play in the sandbox.
  8. All forks do the same job.  Now eat.
  9. What does 2+2 equal?  (My daughter answers 4) Ok, you are smart enough to understand math, now why don’t you understand english and the words coming out of my mouth?
  10. You need to get your loofa and scrub your butt because it gets dirty just like your hands you just can’t see it as well.  Now scrub!

What funny things have you caught yourself saying to your kiddos this weekend?  Serioulsy, document the things that come out of your mouth sometime…then go back and read them. It will surely make you laugh even if in the moment you are heated!

I hope your Monday is filled with laughter and giggles at some point in your day…it makes a bad moment or a bad day better!



P R O V E R B S 


A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.


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If you had a character bubble above your head as you go about your day, what would it tell me about your heart?

Would it tell me of a struggle you are facing?

Would it tell me how excited you are about a vacation you are about to go on?

Would it tell me how nervous you are to take that new job?

Would it tell me how happy you are in your marriage?

Would it tell me the grief you feel because of a loss?

Would it tell me about the joy you feel holding your brand new niece or nephew?






Whatever it is that your heart is feeling today, it isn’t going to look or feel or tell me the same thing that my heart is feeling or even tell me the same thing that the person that is directly next to you at this moment is feeling.  While we may feel like we have a happy heart in this moment, the person next to us may have a broken spirit without us even realizing it because they are putting a lot of energy into plastering a smile on their face.

Some people are very easy to read when it comes to what they are feeling.  They are raw with their emotions and an honest and open book.  Then there are others who can look completely happy on the outside yet are completely broken on the inside.  These people tend to have a harder time sharing their emotions and tend to sugar coat the truth of their heart.

This is why it’s so important to always check in with friends, loved ones, neighbors and family.   You never know how a simple conversation with someone can change around someone’s spirit and entire day.

Whether you are at work, at a park, or meeting a friend for lunch…check in with others (even a complete stranger) and their hearts.  Ask how they are doing…how they are really doing.  Be direct and let them know you care about them and reach out to let them know you are there to help.

If you are in a place to day where your heart is happy…perhaps God has placed it on your heart to spread happiness to another person.  Do not ignore this feeling.  Act upon it.  Listen to your happy heart.

It’s a beautiful day today and it’s my hope that your heart is happy so your spirit feels free to live just the way God intended for you to live.



Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful for the postive ways we, as indivituals, can view the world in which we live in.  Not only can this positive perspective impact you and how you view things but it can have a direct impact on everyone else around you as well.  Think about that concept for just a moment.

This is why I’m in awe of children.  They tend to have amazing perspectives.  I’ve been paying particularily close attention to my children lately and how they see things.  I’ve also been mindful of my reactions as they share their experiences with me.  It can be so easy to brush aside or not participate in the joy they have in the simplist of things…a bug crawling on the ground, a piece of paper they just scribbled on, a spilled glass of milk, blowing a bubble, etc.  However, if I choose their joy in my reaction and share their perspective it is amazing to me the kind of experience we can help give our children back, but also share in and experience that joy right along with them.

Really, perspective is everything.

Right away when I took this beautiful photo (viewed below) of my daughter I thought of this quote, “Some see a weed, others see a wish…”.

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I’m sure many of you have heard of this quote before.  This picture I took depicts the quote perfectly.  I had spotted this giant puff ball as well call them (which is really just a dandelion that has turned to seed) at the back of my neighbors fence.  I could have easily turned my head but then I remembered the joy I had as a child discovering these, making a wish, blowing the seeds off the stem and watching them helicopter away in the wind.  It was that simple kind of joy that is only brought to you in the summer time.  It was the simple kind of joy I wanted to share with my daughter, who lives in a world where joys don’t seem to be as simple as they once were.

Hand in hand, my daughter and I walked over to the dandelion puff and I told her I had something so magical to show her.  Her eyes lit up and she welcomed this adventure with her big, sparkling, curious eyes wide with wonder.  “What is it Mama?”, she asked me.  Then I pointed out the big puff ball and she turned back to me with this ear to ear, big gring and said, “WOW, so cool…but what is it?”  Before giving her an answer, I first asked her what she thought it was.  She shrugged her shoulders at me as if searching for the correct answer and then simply said…”I don’t know what that is.  I’ve never seen it before but it sure is beautiful”.

It truly is amazing how children can be teachers of positive perspective to the many adults in their lives.  They easily see the beauty and magic in their every day surroundings and are able to have so much wonder because of this.  So often we forget to stop and smell the roses with our children.  We get caught up in our to-do lists, technology, and schedules.  We need to share more beautiful, magical, and simple times with our children.

Imagine living your life in the eyes of a child on a daily basis.  I certainly wish I would do this.  As adults, this somewhere gets lost along the way.  However, it’s never too late to practice having a positive perspective and sharing these wonderful experiences with the little loves in your lives.

It was amazing how one puff ball brought so much joy to us in such a short time.  After my daughter was done blowing her puff ball and watching the helicopters float away she said…”Mom, I think the heliopter puffs fly strait to heaven to the people and pets we love and they collect our wishes and help make sure they come true.  Do you know what I wished for?”  Without much pause she continued, “I wished for a baby brother”.

Tears of joy…all because of a weed.



Aimless 20 Talk Tuesday…

  1.  Haddie did not get her stitches out last Friday because she tore one before going into the vet to get them removed and the vet decided she needed just a bit more healing time.  Good news though, she got them removed this morning.  She still isn’t allowed into the water until more healing takes place, and she may still need to wear the cone for a bit longer but heres to hoping a full recovery will take place soon so we can resume back to our normal lives with her.  It’s been hard not letting her go into the water or play as much.  Try snuggling a dog with an e-collar…it’s just not fun.
  2. We also did not go camping last Friday.  With the heat index over 100 and not having an electric site we didn’t think it would be a great idea to go.  On top of that, K wasn’t feeling the best and ended up having an ear infection and sinus infection (which we are now treating with a 10 day antibiotic), Haddie would have been miserable with not being able to go into the water too.  As much of a bummer as it was to cancel plans, it was for the best.  I’m sure we will get to reschedule soon.
  3. C O N F E S S I O N:  This old lady is fascinated by watching the humming birds at her feeder.  They are just the coolest.  I’m not sure if I just witnessed a baby hummer, or not, but I just saw the tiniest of tiny hummers that I’ve ever seen in my life…it was so adorable.Image may contain: drink and outdoor
  4. What’s your vote: Is it worse to have to deal with putting on hats, mittens, scarves, etc. in the winter time and keeping them on them or is it worse to deal with wrestling alligators to put on sunscreen in the summer time?
  5. I need to get a healthy hair trim and so does E.  I’m transitioning her this time from getting hair cuts at the place she’s gone to at her first hair cut to where I go.  I’m less then pleased with the service at her place since her stylist left.  It’s majorly gone down hill.  She will not be happy about going somewhere else because the new place doesn’t hand out pop corn or let her pick from a treasure chest.  However, she is 6 now and it’s time to start teaching her that not everything in life comes with a prize at the end of it!  I feel like today’s kids get rewarded for everything, even things that they should just be expected to do (I know I’m fully guilty of this as a parent and I’m slowly trying to stop rewarding for every little thing).  Cripes, when I was a kid I didn’t get rewards like my kids do, it’s all sorts of ridiculous when I really stop and think about what it is teaching them in the end!  Every now and then rewards are ok, but when it crosses the line is when children start expecting rewards.
  6. A friend of mine informed me that the TLC show Rattled is coming back on July 10th.  I guess I’m going to have to ask my sister for her TWC pswd again so I can watch it, haha!
  7. Shhh…I’ve been thinking about getting tattoo #2.  I want something with the girl’s names and space to possibly add one more name too.  I have somewhat of an idea but am open to suggestions for this.  If you’ve got any send them my way or show me your tattoos that are for your kids!
  8. The Packers and Vikings play each other at Lambeau Field in September.  I so badly want to get my hands on some tickets!!!
  9. E looked so cute this morning.  She was wearing her rainbow tutu skirt and tucked her tank into the skirt because she said that is what ballerina’s do.  She then asked for me to style her hair in a bun.  Then I caught her with an ear to ear grin smiling at herself in her full length mirror in ballerina pose just smitten with herself.  I guess somedays you just wake up feeling like a beautiful ballerina.  What a great way to start off the day!  It melted my heart.
  10. For those of you who lost embryo’s that were transplanted but were fortunate to have a baby after…do you consider that baby your rainbow baby?  I know the definition of a rainbow baby but I consider K our rainbow baby because the other embryo that we transplanted didn’t survive in my womb.  I think they need to widen the definition of this or maybe I should just start calling K my unicorn baby and start my own definition of this very thing….hmm!  However, today I am especially thinking of all of you out there who fit somewhere within this spectrum of the “rainbow baby” definition.  Hugs and love sent your way!!!!
  11. Millions of peaches, peaches for me (or is it free)? Lol!  My neighbor behind us gets a crate of peaches every summer and each year brings me 1 peach to eat.  It’s so cute!  Super delicious peaches too.  Maybe I should start buying a crate of them…there is nothing better!
  12. Speaking of fruit…I never got anywhere to pick strawberries which means no strawberry jam.
  13. I also never planted a garden this year…so unlike me.  Oh well, you win some and you lose some.  I just didn’t need to add anymore to my already over flowing plate and I knew that I wouldn’t have the time to take care of my garden this year.
  14. I wish K would take a nap…when she fights me on it, it is the worst.  I’m sure there are many parents out there who can relate to this.  It’s like, just take a nap already kid!
  15. We rode our bikes 8 miles after dinner last night.  My hubby was pulling E on the tag-a-long bike and I was pulling K in the trailer.  Then we rode the The Twist for ice cream cones on our way home!  Perfect evening.
  16. My dwarf lillies, that last year got eaten by the rabbits before they were able to bloom, were left alone by the rabbits this year and bloomed into the shape of a heart.  They are just beautiful and I LOVE the irony of the shape that they grew back in.  It’s like God just knew how sad I was last year that I couldn’t enjoy their beauty.  Any kind of Lily is my favorite flower!!!Image may contain: plant, flower, nature and outdoor
  17. I just love the idea of neighborhood outdoor book libraries.  I found one on our bike ride last night and found a couple books I intend to read next time we go camping.  When I am done, I will put them back and possibly add a few of my own that I have here.  I’d love to put one in our yard.  I’m not sure if we have to talk to anyone before doing this but it’s such a great/cool idea!!!  Is this something you have in your neighborhood?
  18. E has been playing with the neighbor girl for the better half of the morning.  I’m watching my extra kiddo today so I figured she would be bored.  I’m happy she has friends to play with in our neighborhood but I feel guilty sending her over all the time and never know if I am annoying the neighbors.  We be sure to ask if it’s ok first before we just send her over but I still feel bad.
  19. I love that E can read now and it’s the cutest when she reads books to her sister.  Love these little special moments!Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting and child
  20. It’s another beautiful summer day…time to go so I can enjoy it!

Have a happy, safe and fun 4th of July!  I’m almost positive I won’t be writing tomorrow!

Thankful Thursday

Have you ever stopped and thought about all the things that make you different, the attributes (either physical or personality wise) that make you unique, or maybe even the ways in which you are a bit peculiar even?  Some of theses characteristics that make you, well you, are things you love and embrace.  However, sometimes, you may cut yourself down because of these traits that set you aside and make you distinct.  This is especially true if you are a person prone to compare yourself to others, who you may put on a pedestal.

Earlier this week, I touched on the benefits of positive self talk and changing negatives into positives for a better mindset.  First of all, I want you to take a moment and think of the characteristics that make you special, that you absoulutely would not trade for anything.  Taking a moment myself, to give you an idea, the three that come to mind when I think about myself are:  my ability to be spontaneously corky, my ability to be completley raw and open when it comes to my emotions or talking about personal experiences (maybe to a fault sometimes) and that I can be a tom boy one minute and so completely girly the next.  What are yours?  Feel free to share in the comments section.  I’d love to hear what sets you aside!

Now, think about those things about yourself that are unique that perhaps you don’t like so much or have negative thoughts on.  Take a moment and reflect on this question and jot a few of these down.  Thinking about a few traits I don’t enjoy about myself and often cut myself down with as exmples, I can come up with these three:  my constant indecisiveness, I tend to always be able to go with the flow even when I really don’t want to, and althought I am petite in nature I think I have big hands and ski poles for feet (just for reference I am about 5’1″ and wear a size 8/8.5 shoe).

Think about these things you deem negative about yourself a moment longer.





Today, I am thankful for my ability to turn these negatives into positives and for the chance to start embracing these things that make me who I am.  We certainly have the ability to change some of these things about ourselves, but for those things we can’t change we need to believe that God made us this way so that our world was an interesting and fun place to live.  If we were all the same, life would be pretty boring.  It’s time to start waking up thankful for the things that make us different from that person who we think is perfect.  I bet you’ve heard before, that they have their quirks too that are not so perfect.

For me, I have no idea why I am so indecisive.  Oftentimes, I wish my mind could just come to a decision about something quickly (big or little).  For me, this has always been difficult and something I recognize about myself.  However, turning it to a positive, by being indecisive it has lead me down some other paths I never before would have went on and has allowed me to try new things,  if I otherwise would have been strait forward and on the spot with making a decision in the moment.  For that I can be thankful for my indecisiveness.  When it comes to my go with the flow attitude and doing things even when I don’t want to, it has allowed me to become more open minded.  Sometimes, I’m in a bad mood and that is why I don’t want to do something but when I am coaxed to do it anyways, my negative mood instantly turns around or that thing I didn’t really want to do ended up being a lot of fun.  For this I am thankful for my go with the flow attitude.  Physical attributes that set us a part and we may nit pick, are harder to change sometimes.  Although I will never be able to change the size of my hands and feet, my giant hands and ski pole feet have allowed me to do some pretty amazing things in life.  For this I can let go of the imperction of size, and simply be thankful for them.

How about you?  How can you change around the way you think about your unique features that you thing are negative?  Start your day off with a grateful and thankful heart this morning.  It is a good feeling learning to embrace who we are as is.  I don’t know about you, but overall I think I’m pretty damn awesome and I think you are too!



Wondering on Wednesday…

I blinked and she’s 6.  I’m seriously wondering how this feels like it happens so quickly?!?  Anyone else wonder this same thing when another birthday for your babies rolls around?

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

I tucked my 5 year old into bed last night for the last time and this morning she woke up a 6 year old! Happy birthday Etta Grace! It feels like you’ve grown up and changed so much this past year. You are smart, inquisitive, funny, sensitive, kind and sweet yet sassy.

This year you’ve found a love for reading and were already reading at a first grade level at the beginning of the school year. You amaze me at your love for math, sometimes asking me to do math for fun when you are bored (you certainly don’t get this from me). You enjoy writing and drawing and often use this creativity to spread kindness and make letters and special pictures for your friends and family. You are always the first one wanting to explore and go on adventures…two of your favorites are going on painted rock hunts or thrifting. Never ever is there a day you don’t inquire about something I have a hard time answering! You are just full of so much wonder. You never fail to make anyone around you laugh. You also love a good joke! You make friends easily and care very deeply for them…it has been so fun watching your friendships unfold and grow. I love those moments you still want to hold my hand, curl up in my lap for a snuggle or ask to be tickled. At times it feels like you are 6 going on 16 with your sassatude and we often have to ask you where your listening ears are.

As I said goodnight to my 5 year old last night, it was very bittersweet. As my now 6 year old… you are still my first best girl and I am so grateful God chose me to be your Mama always and forever. My heart will always be your home! I love you sweet girl!

Aimless 20 Talk Tuesday…

1. My first born turns 6 years old tomorrow. I am in denial about this. I am very emotional about this. Life really does to go by in the blink of an eye.

2. My Zappos box came in the mail. Typically I would be thrilled about a new pair of shoes. However, my husband spotted the box first. Damn it!

3. Open mouthed kisses from my 1 year old are my favorite. She doesn’t give these too freely, but when she does, I never deny them.

4. We enjoyed a fresh strawberry pie this evening made by yours truly. The berries were picked from our back yard. The simple delights of summer!

5. Haddie gets her stitches out tomorrow evening and she will be able to stop wearing the cone of shame! She will be so much happier!

6. I’m craving an ice coffee…it has been a long time since I’ve drank my coffee iced. I mean it’s like warm every day boarderline cold….meh!

7. I want to visit home-home. It’s been too long since we visited my parents. I don’t get home-sick to often anymore…not like when I first moved here, but it would just be nice to not have so many miles in between. I often wonder how different things could be if we could see my parents on a more regular basis. It would certainly be nice. It hurts that it’s not the case.

8. K is in a diaper study that pays her $110 to let them test product on her. This is awesome!

9. I can’t believe July 4th is creeping up already.

10. I just saw a commercial for the medication “Lutuda”. The name itself makes me giggle. Where do they come up with these names?

11. This is one of the first times I am blogging tin the evening. Typically it’s a morning gig…that right there tells you what kind of day it’s been for me.

12. I did it again. I responded to the wrong person via text. I can’t be the only one who does this. You leave a text open and then respond to a new text and you think the text bar is going to the right one but instead goes to the open.

13. What are your favorite adult party games? …and go!!!

14. My husband and I just finished watching The Ranch. Great show! We both couldn’t get enough of it. Now we are anxiously awaiting the last season of Shameless to come out.

15. I’ve been thinking about tattoo #2.

16. The sound of rain is so relaxing.

17. I’m hooked on this ABC documentary right now and I really should shut it off and go to bed.

18. My crown feels loose again. This is the same one they just “fixed”. Grr!

19. I would love to take E and get a pedicure. If i had someone to watch K tomorrow I would take her tomorrow on her birthday!

20. How have I not tore into that Zappos box yet? Husband shoe guilt buying wrath that’s why.